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Fun With The Tiny Lumix ZS70 – P&S Camera

This was the first day of events at Crane Festival in Bosque del Apache.  All my gear was still in the holding area so I decided to try out the ZS70.  This is a tiny point and shoot that fits perfectly in any pocket.  Its hybrid image stabilization coupled with a 30X 720mm optical zoom is ideal for birders who want a decent record shot of the birds they see.

These are a sampling of the images I got in the early morning at the first pond on Rt1 before you get to the visitor center. Files converted from RAW to JPG with minimum processing in Lightroom. Images cropped for composition.

Cottonwood Tree and Sandhill Cranes


Sandhill Cranes Feeding


Sandhill Cranes – Ready for Take-Off


Snow Geese Blast-Off

As I am here in Bosque at the Festival of Cranes showing photographers and birders what the Lumix camera and lens lineup can do for them, Gary Farber form Hunts Photo & Video is on had with all this great gear for sale at some super prices.  If you need a Lumix Camera or Lens just email Gary at and he will surely take care of you.

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ON1 Photo RAW 2018 now available

The last year was a big transition year at ON1, moving from individual plug-ins to an all-in-one, non-destructive RAW processor/photo editor standalone app. Like all things great, this transition didn’t happen without its challenges. With the release of ON1 Photo RAW 2018,  ON1 is in a position to deliver exactly what the photography community wants – a single all-in-one photo editing app, without monthly fees and built completely based on community feedback.

ON1 Photo RAW 2018 Available today November 9th  CLICK HERE to order

  • New update includes HDR module, Pano module, tons of updates in masking (Luminosity mask, luminosity zone masks, global mask adjustments, color range masks and more)
  • Versions or virtual copies
  • New user interface
  • New color brushes
  • ON1 Photo for Mobile
  • A viable Lightroom® alternative available today

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Panasonic Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f/2.8 Prime Lens and Teleconverters Announced

Press release:

The New Compact, Lightweight Ultra Telephoto Lens with POWER O.I.S. For Handheld 400mm Equivalent Ultra-Telephoto Shooting

November 8, 2017 (Newark, NJ) – Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company is proud to introduce a new telephoto single focal length lens, the LEICA DG ELMARIT 200mm / F2.8 / POWER O.I.S. (35 mm camera equivalent: 400 mm). The LEICA DG ELMARIT 200mm / F2.8 / POWER O.I.S. is the first large-diameter ultra-telephoto fixed focal length lens with a name of LEICA DG. It boasts sharpest-ever image quality from corner to corner in the history of LUMIX digital interchangeable lenses. Featuring high mobility in a compact, lightweight design, it also realizes handheld ultra-telephoto shooting.

With its 400mm ultra telephoto focal length and stunning descriptive performance, the LEICA DG ELMARIT 200mm / F2.8 / POWER O.I.S. is suitable for wildlife or sports photography. The 1.4x Teleconverter (DMW-TC14) is bundled*1 to extend the focusing distance to 560mm (35mm camera equivalent) for close-up shots.

The fast F2.8 aperture lets you capture fast-moving subjects while the POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) effectively compensates for hand-shake movement, making it easy to shoot even without a tripod or in low-lit situations. The lens works with Dual I.S.*2 (Image Stabilizer) and Dual I.S. 2.0*3 system when mounted on the compliant Panasonic LUMIX DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) cameras for more powerful hand-shake suppression.
Clearing the stringent quality standard of LEICA, the lens is comprised of 15 elements in 13 groups, featuring two UED (Ultra Extra-low Dispersion) lenses. The use of UED lenses and Panasonic cutting-edge optical technology achieve high resolution, high contrast image from corner to corner while suppressing distortion and chromatic aberration.

Incorporating a triple linear motor system and max.240 fps sensor drive, the new LEICA DG ELMARIT 200mm / F2.8 / POWER O.I.S. achieves high-speed, high-precision contrast AF system for both photo and video recording. This stunning AF performance is excellent to record 4K video, where precise focusing is required. In addition, the micro-step drive system in the aperture control section helps the camera smoothly catch up to brightness changes when panning.

It boasts a rugged, dust/splash-proof design and are even freeze-proof down to -10℃ (14 degrees F) to withstand professional use under harsh conditions. Offered in sharp, metallic black color, it stylishly matches the LUMIX G Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) cameras.
The LEICA DG ELMARIT 200mm / F2.8 / POWER O.I.S. can also be used with the 2.0x Teleconverter DMW-TC20 (sold separately), which extends the focusing distance to 800mm (35mm camera equivalent) to capture subjects at a greater distane.

*1 The 1.4x Teleconverter (DMW-TC14) is also sold separately as an optional accessory.
*2 Dual I.S. is available on GX8, GX80/85
*3 Dual I.S. 2.0 is available on GH5, G9, G80/81/85
•Some functions of H-ES200 cannot be used with DC-GH5. The firmware for DC-GH5 to fully comply with H-ES200 is scheduled to be released by the end of March, 2018.
•Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
•LEICA is a registered trademark of Leica Microsystems IR GmbH.
•ELMARIT is a registered trademark of Leica Camera AG.

The new ELMARIT 200mm lens and accessories will be available in early January 2018. The lens with the 1.4x teleconverter MSRP will be $2,999.99 and the optional 2x teleconverter is $599.99.

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Panasonic Lumix G9 – Announced


Panasonic LUMIX G9 (PRNewsfoto/Panasonic Consumer Electronics)

This announcement is not a review of the G9 but having had the opportunity to briefly use and test this camera, I can say, it is as good as the specs and performs exceptionally well.

Panasonic’s new Lumix DC-G9 is a camera tailored for pro and advanced stills photographers.  The camera uses the same 20.3 MP sensor as the GH5 but has processing enhancements for better image quality and can be pixel shifted to produce 80MP RAW files.  This sensor ship is ideal for architecture, still life and product photography where high resolutions are demanded. 

The new High Resolution mode produces an 80-megapixel equivalent (10368 x 7776) image combining 8 consecutively shot images while shifting the sensor. This combined image can not only be set for JPEG but also RAW (in camera).

The body has a new control and dial layout and adds a LCD display on the right side of the view finder. The power on and off switch is conveniently located around the shutter release. The mode dial and drive mode dial are concentric and lockable. Drive modes include: Single, Continuous I and II, 6K Photo, Post Focus, Self timer and Time-lapse.  The body is slimmer than the GH5 and has a deeper and very comfortable grip.

The joystick is similar to the one found on the GH5. What is new is the OLED electronic viewfinder.  It has a magnification factor of 0.83 x equivalent and a resolution of 3.68 million dots, it is truly impressive. A 3″ fully articulating touchscreen LCD is basically the same as the GH5. However you now have the ability to keep the LCD closed and use the top LCD display to read your camera settings, exposure etc. 

The body supports two SD card slots, both are UHS-II capable. Ports are similar to the GH5 and include HDMI, microphone, headphone, flash sync, USB 3.0 (Micro B) and remote control. The body is weather sealed and will operate at temperatures as low as -10C.

The G9 image stabilization is as good if not marginally better than the GH5, offering 6.5 stops of image shake reduction. With a majority of the newer lenses the system will use the proven combined lens and bod Dual I.S. 2 stabilization.

Another major improvement is in the focusing system.  The Depth from Defocus system has been significantly refined and now has 225 selectable focus points. This system is not only faster but offers superb tracking that uses a “Deep Learning” technology that detects a human body in addition to the conventional face and eye detection. In addition a new “AF Point Scope” magnifies distant subjects allowing for precise focus and capture.

As for speed, the G9 will shoot bursts of 20 fps in continuous autofocus mode using the electronic shutter.  In mechanical shutter mode the speed drops to 9 fps. The buffer capacity is 50 RAW files in a single burst.  However with single AF engaged the G9 can shoot at a blazing fast 60 fps (electronic) and 12 fps (mechanical).  In my brief testing there was no blackout at all using the electronic shutter.

The minimum shutter speed is 60 sec. and maximum is 1/8000 sec using the mechanical shutter and 1/32000 sec. using the electronic shutter.  The flack sync speed remains at 1/250 sec.

Though the G9 is targeted at stills photographer, it is no video slouch. It will shoot 4K video at up to 60 fps, with a maximum bitrate of 150Mbps. For slo motion capture it will shoot 60 fps in 4K and 180 fps if you select Full HD video.

The 4K and 6K photo modes are fully supported as they are in the GH5. 

There is an optional battery grip available.  The camera comes with a new charger.

The G9 and accessories will ship in January 2018 for $1699 body only. The DMW-BGG9 grip for $349.

Extracted from the press release:

Optional Accessories Specially Designed for LUMIX G9

  • Battery Grip DMW-BGG9 – includes joystick and one additional battery.
  • Eye Cup DMW-EC4 for enhanced viewing and comfort.
  • Battery Charger DMW-BTC13 – enables rapid charging.
  • Shoulder Strap DMW-SSTG9 – length-adjustable and can be detached easily.
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Time-Lapse Photography and Processing – A One Day Workshop

Announcing a One-Day workshop on December 9, 2017 CLICK HERE for details and registration. 

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Luminar 2018 offers everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing, including new filters powered by artificial intelligence, major speed improvements, a dedicated RAW develop module and a forthcoming in 2018; digital asset management platform.

You will also benefit from the new intelligent Sun Rays filterLUT support, and real-time noise removal.

With workspaces that match different styles of editing, Luminar adapts to deliver a complete experience that avoids clutter and complexity.

Luminar 2018 has been re-built from the ground up for dramatic performance boosts. Existing filters deliver richer colors and depth in less time. A brand new streamlined user interface speeds up working with presets, filters, and masks. With full support of pro options like layers, masks, and blending modes, complex repairs and photo composites can be easily accomplished.

Offer Availability:

Luminar 2018 will be availabe for pre-order November 1-15, and released on November 16.

Pre-Order Pricing:

  • Current users of Luminar may upgrade at a special pre-order price of $39 ($49 MSRP)
  • New users can purchase Luminar 2018 at a special pre-order price of $59 ($69 MSRP)
  • A collection of bonuses will also be included with every purchase.
  • Beta testers are eligible to receive and additional $10 discount

Pre-Order Bonuses:

  • A Pack of signature presets and textures fro pro photography Nicolesy
  • An Exclusive pack of LUTs
  • 1-year Power plan from SmugMug ($72 value). For new accounts only
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Happy Diwali


Wishing all my family and friends a Very Happy Diwali

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Out of Acadia

This is a late post but never the less the Out of Acadia conference was spectacular.  Over a hundred participants and multiple instructors made the event a great success.  Between leading excursions and doing classes there was not much time to do a lot of photography but this was photographed on the last day at Little Hunters Beach.  Given the shape of the cove and the direction of the sunrise, one has to wait for the light to hit is peninsula.

I used my new Leica 12 – 60 mm with the GH5 that I am loving more and more – particularly with Version 2.1 of the firmware update.  Exposure triad: ISO 200, f/7.1, 6 sec at 12mm (24mm equivalent). Benro filter holder with a polarizer and 4 stop ND and a grad.

The image below is the same converted to B&W using Capture One 10.

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Aurora HDR 2018 pre-order

Aurora HDR is not just a tool for merging bracketed images, it also provides numerous tools and countless options to create perfect HDR photos for every taste – from one-click presets and advanced tone-mapping, to layers, noise reduction and powerful luminosity masking controls.
Offer Availability:
Aurora HDR 2018 will be availabe for pre-order TODAY, and released on September 28th.
Pre-Order Pricing:
  • Current users of Aurora HDR may upgrade at a special pre-order price of $49 ($59 MSRP)
  • New users can purchase Aurora HDR 2018 at a special pre-order price of $89 ($99 MSRP)
  • A collection of bonuses will also be included with every purchase.
Pre-Order Bonuses:
  • Trey Ratcliff Deep Dive video (HDR Training by Trey Ratcliff)
  • Travel Photography Tutorials by Matt Granger (2 hours of tips, tricks and techniques to capture the best travel photos)
  • Source Brackets (5 sets of HDR brackets)
  • 3-month Zenfolio Pro website, including a complementary design consultation. $60 value.



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Portland Head Sunrise

Spending Labor Day weekend in Ogunquit, Maine.  At 4:30 AM trip to Cape Elisabeth to photograph Portland Head Light.  No fog no clouds but still some nice light on the rocks and the lighthouse.  A 3 min 24 sec exposure.

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