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Peterson Guide to Birds of North America on sale

For a limited time the Peterson’s Guide to Birds of North America is on sale.  Down to 99 cents – originally $14.99.

All you bird lovers and bird photographers should not miss this opportunity.

Click Here for a link to the iTunes Page

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As a photographer one of my biggest concerns is spills on my equipment.  I love coffee and other drinks while on the road.  I have been using travel mugs and other double lined drinking devices but they all spill.  Yes, I have coffee spills and stains on my center console, passenger seat, and I no longer carry one of these gizmos while out on a shoot during the early mornings (hey – it is cool and a hot coffee is so welcome).

Enter the “ecotop” – I found this product through my wife’s  associate.  This is the best thing for any of us who are sippers on the go.  This cover is solid, it will not spill, fits on existing drinking mugs, your regular mugs and any thing that can hold liquids with an opening that is 3 inches (hey that is a standard mug size).  Here is an image – security for your coffee and security for your gear.

Contact me at 617.759.0010 or s.verma (at) if you want more information or want to order the for your self, your business or as a promotional item.

This product is featured in the July 2012 issue of Popular Science so it must be good. Here is the excerpt from Popular Science:

” Your favorite mug is now your travel mug! The Ecotop is a first-ever add-on top for standard mugs and cups. A locking closure reduces spills around the house and office and during travel. Ecotops are convenient for active families and professionals on the go. Ecotops can also be invaluable for people with stability concerns. Go green (or ten other colors) and support the ecology and your economy! Ecotops are designed and manufactured in the USA.”

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A few iPhone apps that I love

TPE – The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a must have app that helps you plan your outdoor photography, with full details of how the sun and moon move across the land.  Sunrise and set times, Moon rise and set time including phases.


One of the best apps for determining tide times and tide heights at most locations.

Tide Graph

If you like chasing storms and photographing weather then WeatherTAP zoom is an app you must have  This app pushes personalized, current weather to the max with detailed storm tracking capability. Follow tornadoes and super cells with pinpoint precision using animated, interactive, real-time radar that is seamlessly integrated and scalable on user friendly maps

Weather Tap Zoom

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Late June and Early July One Day Workshops

Here is the workshop schedule for the rest of June and early July.  A new registration system has been developed for your convenience so please use the link below when you wish to register.
June 23 – Lighting Demystified Click Here for Details
June 23 – Low Light and Night Photography in Providence, Rhode Island.  This workshop is a great opportunity to extend the learning experience from the Lighting Demystified workshop on the same day.  Click Here for Details
June 24 and June 30 – Macro and Close-up Photography Click Here for Details
July 1 – Lighting Demystified Click Here for Details
A discount is available for anyone attending both events on June 23, 2012.  See details on the registration page.
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Using Colored Filters with NiK Silver Efex Pro 2

Silver Efex Pro 2 includes the standard colored filters that were used by Black and White film photographers.  In addition the application provided for a continuously variable custom filter with two sliders

This brief article is to explain the use of the standard filter and the effect they have on monochromatic images.

How Filters Affect Tones in your Image

Colored filters were used with B&W film to will lighten similar colors on the color wheel and darken opposite colors.  As an example a red filter will darken the opposite primary colors, green and blue while but will have the most effect on Cyan which is a combination of blue and green. Conversely, it will lighten red and colors that contain elements of red like orange and magenta.

NiK Silver Efex Pro 2 filters in order:

Neutral is the first filter – it removes the effect of any filter application

The Red filter has the most dramatic effects.  It creates high contrast in monochromatic scenes. It is one of the most used filters for landscape photography and where a high level of creativity is expressed.

The orange filter is used to lighten reds in an image.  It is an excellent filter as for black and white portraiture.  The filter will reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and redness in the eyes.

The yellow is a filter that has the least effect and used mainly to make blue skies a shade darker. It is probably the most used in B&W film photography and least used of all the colored filters in digital photography.

The Green filter is similar to the Yellow and not heavily relied on.  It is used in landscape photography as it does favor the deepening of reds and oranges and ideally suited for fall foliage landscape photography.  There is a slight drawback as it will lighten the blue in the skies and reduce contrast.

The Blue filter has traditionally been least used in monochrome photography.  It was used to reduce overall contrast.

Note:  The NiK Silver Efex color filters will only work if your image is in color and contains RGB information,  An image already converted to B&W or brought into NiK as a B&W will not be impacted with these filters.

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Making Perfect Popcorn

It all started late last fall with an assignment to shoot images for a book cover.  Well, the cover shoot evolved into images for the inside of the book, development and mods to a web site, the design of business cards, stationary and the license of an image to be used as the logo for the publishing company.  Most important, this has lead to a lovely working relationship and a collaboration.  The book is published and printed and ready for sale – the first batch was picked up today and orders are pouring in.  WOW!!!!!!

MAKING PERFECT POPCORN – that is the title but the book is over 180 pages of fantastic information – the chapters are a real pleasure to read and yes each is an eye opener too.

Here is what the cover looks like – you need to buy the book to see all the images in the chapters.  You can order an autographed copy at a  20% introductory discount if you hurry and CLICK HERE – don’t forget – Father’s Day is around the corner.

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Some images that hit it off

This past week I posted two images of left over flowers from last weekend’s workshop.  What wonderful comments and feedback.  I truly appreciate what the viewers have to say – thank you all.  Both images treated with NiK. Here are the two:




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