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Bosque del Apache & White Sands – Nov 23 to 29, 2012


The Bosque del Apache and White Sands Workshop and Photo Tour planning is done and we are ready for enrollment.  Workshops fill up fast so book early.

Bosque del Apache which translates to Woods of the Apache is a most spectacular congregation of birds.  The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is a 57,331-acre wildlife oasis of upland desert and floodplain that was established in 1939. The refuge is located in south-central New Mexico about one hour from Albuquerque.  The Rio Grande flows through the area providing  water to the refuge. Close to 15,000 Sandhill Cranes and over 30,000 Snow and Ross’s Geese migrate here for the winter.

The refuge is an ideal location to capture large flocks of snow geese, particularly when they are flushed by the presence of a predator.  At dusk numerous flights of geese and cranes return to the refuge to roost, making for great evening “birdscapes.” At dawn, the “Fly Out” is another phenomenal  experience.  In addition to these magnificent birds, opportunities to photograph wild turkeys, pheasants, roadrunners, owls, golden eagles and bald eagles abound.  Mammals like the coyote and black tailed deer are also present

The late November tour serves up the opportunity for autumn colors and potential for some light snow cover.

We will spend the majority of our time at the refuge but will head out to photograph White Sands National Monument. The gypsum sand dunes stretch for miles and we will spend a day to capture the dunes in the early morning and evening light with the full moon as a bonus.

CLICK HERE for a PDF document with full details and the itinerary.

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India’s Supreme Court make a ruling to ban tourism in tiger parks

A few hours ago India’s top court established a ban on all tourism to tiger parks and reserves in India. My February photo tour and workshop is undergoing revisions to exclude the last leg that was for the tigers in Bandhavgarh.  Hope the ban gets lifted and the parties can compromise.

I will be post in the revised itinerary by the end of this week.

See the Times article

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Canon 7D evolves – New Firmware 2.0.X

A new significant firmware update to the Canon 7D is eminent. The new firmware will bring significant enhancements to this already great camera.

Speed, the 7D will now shoot 130 Large/Fine JPEGs or 25 RAW.  This compared to 126 and 15.  The big jump is for RAW files.  The shooting rate remains at 8 fps.

The 7D will now be compatible with the Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2  using the 7D’s USB connector.  GEO Tagging is not possible with Video.

For Video buffs the camera will provid custom audio recording.  The firmware will enable manual control of sound recording levels in 64 steps.  Visual indicators will warn you of custom recording.

Something that Nikon has had now will be available in the 7D.  Customization for Auto ISO in M, P, TV, AV and B modes.  You will be able to set upper limits up to ISO 6400.  The 7D will always auto adjust ISO for best exposure.

The firmware will now allow in camera processing to modify White Balance, Picture Style, Auto Lighting Optimizer, High ISO Noise Reduction, JPEG Quality, Color Space, Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction, Distortion Correction and Lens Aberration Correction to RAW images capture.

JPEG images can be resized in camera from “L” to “M “ and from “M” to “S” JPEG.

An in camera rating system will be available.  A five step star rating will be available during image playback/review.

Using the “Q” or quick control button you will now be able to apply protection to images, rotate and resize then, see the highlight alerts and AF point displays.

A real neat feature with this upgrade is custom file naming. You will be able to set the first four characters of the file name, no more _IMG.  Image quality can be applied to the file name too.

How about this: “time zone settings”, you can not only define time zones, but also daylight savings time.

Significant improvements in the speed of scrolling images that have been magnified for review.

Unfortunately the release date is still up in the air but August looks like the month.

See more on the Canon site

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HDR Efex Pro 2 announced

NiK Software has improved HDR Efex Pro across the board: it’s faster, more powerful, delivers more realistic results, and is easier to use than ever.

Key New Features:

  • NEW: Improved Tone Mapping Engine – Develop superior results with better color rendering and improved natural styles
  • UPDATED: Interface, Interaction, and Workflow – Benefit from improvements to the merging interface, tone mapping and enhancement controls, visual presets, and more
  • NEW: Depth Control – Enjoy added depth and realism in images with the new and proprietary Depth control, which helps counteract the flattened look commonly associated with HDR images
  • NEW: Full GPU Processing and Multi-Core Optimization – Gain even faster performance with GPU processing that takes full advantage of the processors found on modern display adapters
  • UPDATED: Ghost Reduction – Improved ghost reduction algorithm ensures that artifacts created by moving objects are removed with a single click
  • NEW: Chromatic Aberration Reduction – Reduce color fringes around objects
  • NEW: Graduated Neutral Density Control – Access the full 32-bit depth of the merged image, providing a natural effect especially on images with a strong horizon line
  • NEW: Full White Balance Control – Take full advantage of the white balance in an image with a new Tint slider, which along with the Temperature slider, can be applied both globally as well as selectively using U Point technology
  • NEW: History Browser – Easily review adjustments and different HDR looks via the History Browser which records every enhancement used in an editing session


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Boston Fire Works July 4, 2012

I have always wanted to do something different with fireworks.  Well, today I got the opportunity to get to the 21st floor of Ashburton Place overlooking the barges in the distance.  Got there about 20 minutes before the grand show.  Half way through the rain was a disaster but the show went on as did my clicking. Here are some more images from this evening.

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