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India Photo Workshops and Tours – February and March 2013

After a very successful trip this past February we now have a trip that gives you a unique opportunity to photograph three endangered species, The Asiatic Lions, Wild Asses and Black Buck.  In addition to these mammals we will have opportunities to photograph over 300 species of birds, other mammals, reptiles and insects.  We will photograph ancient monuments including the Taj Mahal, and have a lot of opportunity to photograph village people and their ways.

Feb 15 – Feb 26  – India Rann of Kutch, Velvader and Sasangir where the endangerd Asiatic Lions, Wild Asses and Black Buck will be the primary subjects Click Here for Details
Feb 26 – March 6 – India – Agra (Taj Mahal) Chambal for the River Crocodiles, Sarus Cranes and Black Buck,  Bharatpur for over 300 species of migratory birds Click Here for Details
March 6 – March 11 – India – Bandhavgarh for the Tiger and a plethora of wildlife (This segment depends on the Government of India lifting the tourism ban in Tiger Reserves Click Here for Details
You can do Segment 1 alone or combine it with Segment 2 or do all three.  You can also pick just Segment 2 and 3 or any one.
India is the home of the endangered Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica), and has some of the best opportunities for photographing other mammals and migratory birds from as far as Siberia. This trip is geared towards capturing images of Indian wildlife, landscapes, ancient architecture and local village people.  The tour is in three parts and you can register for one, two or all three segments.

The first segment will take us from Delhi to the Rann of Kutch for wild asses, foxes, and vast salt flats.  We then spend time in Velavader for some incredible birds and the black buck. Sasan Gir is the next stop for lions and other wild life.  The Wild Ass, Asiatic Lion and Black Buck are all on the endangered species list. We return to Delhi concluding this segment.

The second segment takes us to Agra where we photograph the Taj Mahal by sunset and sunrise.  The trip has been  scheduled to coincide with the full moon. We then drive to Chambal for bird photography and a river safari to capture images of the Gharial, Crocodiles and shore birds including Skimmers, Ibis and European Spoonbills to name a few.  Next we drive to Fatehpur Sikri to photograph ancient moslem architecture and then continue to Bharatpur.  The Keoladeo sanctuary in Bharatpur boasts over 300 hundred  species of migratory birds, owls and water fowl. We will drive back to Delhi concluding the second segment.

Our third segment takes us from Delhi to Jabalpur by air and then a drive to Bandhavgarh for tigers, jackals, the Indian Bison, wild boar and many other species of mammals and birds.  We return to Jabalpur to fly back to Delhi, concluding this segment.

Registration Forms are available on the Workshops Tab above or Click Here

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Iceland – Aurora Borealis and Winter Landscape Photo Tour & Workshop

Aurora Borealis – Image Copyright Olgeir Andresson

After extensive research and planning the photo tour and workshop to capture the Aurora Borealis and the beautiful Icelandic landscapes is ready.  The tour starts in Reykjavik on January 19 and concludes January 25, 2013.  You do not want to miss this opportunity.

I have teamed up with a world famous photographer Olgeir Andresson who has made photographing the Aurora his hallmark.  He won the highest honor of photographer of the year in the Danish Zoom Magazine and his work has been shown in Times Square in New York sponsored by Kodak.  You will not find a more experienced Northern Lights’ photographer.

Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice – is an experience for non-photographers and photographers alike. In addition to the Aurora, we will have opportunities to capture mighty glaciers, waterfalls and spouting geysers.  Majestic mountains, magnificent coastlines and smoking volcanoes.

We are now in the period known as ‘Solar Max’. This means that sunspot activity which produces the aurora borealis is heightened, offering more chances to see the northern lights. Solar Max happens every 11 years in accordance with the solar cycle.

More information is in the brochure and links to the registration forms are available from the workshop page

Click here for a PDF Brochure

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Canon Releases EOS 7D Firmware version 2.0

Canon finally released its significant upgrade/update to the EOS 7D.

The firmware can be downloaded from this link

Version 2 of the firmware will provide users of this body the following:

Speed, the 7D will now shoot 130 Large/Fine JPEGs or 25 RAW.  This compared to 126 and 15.  The big jump is for RAW files.  The shooting rate remains at 8 fps.

The 7D will now be compatible with the Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2  using the 7D’s USB connector.  GEO Tagging is not possible with Video.

For Video buffs the camera will provid custom audio recording.  The firmware will enable manual control of sound recording levels in 64 steps.  Visual indicators will warn you of custom recording.

Something that Nikon has had now will be available in the 7D.  Customization for Auto ISO in M, P, TV, AV and B modes.  You will be able to set upper limits up to ISO 6400.  The 7D will always auto adjust ISO for best exposure.

The firmware will now allow in camera processing to modify White Balance, Picture Style, Auto Lighting Optimizer, High ISO Noise Reduction, JPEG Quality, Color Space, Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction, Distortion Correction and Lens Aberration Correction to RAW images capture.

JPEG images can be resized in camera from “L” to “M “ and from “M” to “S” JPEG.

An in camera rating system will be available.  A five step star rating will be available during image playback/review.

Using the “Q” or quick control button you will now be able to apply protection to images, rotate and resize then, see the highlight alerts and AF point displays.

A real neat feature with this upgrade is custom file naming. You will be able to set the first four characters of the file name, no more _IMG.  Image quality can be applied to the file name too.

How about this: “time zone settings”, you can not only define time zones, but also daylight savings time.

Significant improvements in the speed of scrolling images that have been magnified for review.


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