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December 2012 – One Day Workshops

The One-Day workshops for December 2012 are now available.  Please reserve your spot early as these do fill up fast.

Click Here to be directed to the One Day Workshop Page and the reservation form.  Call 617.759.0010 if you have any questions.

The Saloon in Bodie

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The Light of Cape Cod – Fall Workshop

Truro Dunes at Sunset

The last of the New England location workshops is over and it was a great one.

Despite the poor forecast we lucked out and had great weather, beautiful skies and great clouds.  The Cape is truly an awesome place with beautiful light all year round.  The tourist can become a bit much so we plan our workshops “OFF SEASON” in the spring and the fall – it is quiet and no traffic to deal with.

As usual we planned our days based on the weather, the tides, sunrise and sunsets.  We covered the Cape from Brewster and Orleans all the way to Province Town.  Some of the most dramatic clouds and skies were in the Dunes in Truro.

We were hoping for more fall colors around the Brewster Grist Mill but it was minimal yet made for great photography.

There are two workshops in Cape Cod next year so check out the schedule and start planning now.

The Dune – Light Painted

Anchor and Ropes




The Outhouse

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An Image Found

It was a strange day with no internet, no phone and no TV.  Spent time discarding a number of images form my library when I came across this one.  This was shot this past summer at Buttonwood Farm in Connecticut.

Buttonwood Farm – Cloud Study
7D, 16mm, f14, 1/125 sec, ISO 100

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The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

Just realized I had not posted this image on my blog.  The image was captured on the last evening in San Francisco, Sept 30, 2012.  It was an unusual evening the temperature was a balmy 82 degrees and no breeze so I headed out to Marin Headlands.  There was no fog, no clouds, a night after full moon, a calm bay, tons of mosquitos but fun. This is stitched this panorama. At 240 DPI this is 74 inches long.

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Glorious Acadia – Fall Workshop

Got back late last night after a wonderful 3 1/2 days in the Bar Harbor region.  A great group of photographers and tremendous learning experience for all.

The first (Friday) evening was tricky atop Cadillac Mountain with strong gusts and a cloud/fog cover that was constantly obscuring the views.  This was not wispy fog but pea soup.

A few rays light up the shrubs


A Rock Aglow

The forecast was not the best for the next two days but we sure did luck out with near perfect days and rain only after sunset.

The following are in camera captures:





Multiple Exposure


How can one go to Acadia and not shoot Monument Beach at sunrise.

Monument Beach and Otter Cliffs


Sunday evening we drove over to the Blue Hills region for cocktails and wine with some very close friends.  The boat house is one of my favorites. This following image was textured with two textures and then I used the Oil Painting filter in PS6 not only to give it more texture but to add dimension and depth.


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Yosemite & Mono Lake – Day 5

Mono Lake Sunrise 2

Early morning trip back to the lake to photograph the tufas at sunrise.  One good thing as the water level rises the walk to the edge of Mono Lake will be shorter but the bad thing is that you will not be able to get as close as you can today.

A quick breakfast and we headed out to the Ghost Town of Bodie.  After a long drive we realized the back road into Bodie was no longer accessible and a new gold mining company owns the property and has closed assess.  We back tracked and arrived around lunch time.  It is impossible to photograph all that Bodie has to offer in a day but you do what you can.

These two images of the church interior were photographed through large opening wire mesh.

Bodie Church


The Church Heating Stove and Organ


Bodie Dinner Table


Bodie General Store


The Shell Gas Station


Sled Shed and Sled


Wagon Wheel


Ghost Car

This final image is modified to give the impression of evening (at mid afternoon)

Who’s Driving?

Plans to photograph the Tufa Towers at sunset and then the full moon did not materialize as dark clouds rolled in preventing any image capture.

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Yosemite & Mono Lake Day 4

A leisurely breakfast and we check out for a trip across the Tioga Pass from Yosemite to Mono Lake.  On the way there we stopped briefly at Olmstead Point and arrived in Lee Vining.  The Mono Lake visitor center is very interesting and full of great information about the history of the Lake, how humans nearly destroyed it and how a California Act will permit its recovery restoring the balance of salt and water that is so essential to the lake.

On the north side of the lake there is a nature center and a boardwalk that takes you to the lake shore.  This is a very unique area that attracts migratory shore birds and a place where 90% of the California gulls come to breed. Mono Lake is 10% salt and so does not support any fish life.  The only forms of life are the Brine Shrimp and the Alkaline Flies (millions of them). The gulls appear to feed primarily on the flies and the rest feed on the shrimp.  This time of year the bird species are: Marbled Godwit, American Avocet, green wing teal, mallards, eared Greebe, Wilson’s Phalarope to name a few.  You do need 400 mm or more to get a decent image.

The evening was devoted to tufa tower photography.  We captured images before the sun set, at sunset and subsequently after dark when we did some light painting.

Tufas at Sunset


It was worth waiting for the after glow.

Start of the After Glow


After Glow Pastels


How can one resist some light painting.  The temperature of the light on the tufa towers has such a a varied impact.


Light Painting with Warm Light


Light Painting with a White LED Light

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