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Phottix Macro Focusing Rail

I have just finished a review of the Phottix Macro Focusing Rail.  The review is a PDF document that you can read on line or download.

Phottix Macro Rail Review


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One Day Workshops for 1st Half 2013

For those of you who have attended any of my workshops last year, A BIG THANK YOU.  I am very grateful  for your participation and support and hope to see you again soon.

I have posted the schedule for the first half of 2013.

There are a number of new workshops including Time-Lapse Photography, DSLR Video, Creative Vision to name a few.  Details for the new programs are being compiled and will be posted soon.

In the registration section when you click to register there is a brief synopsis for the program.



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Iceland 3, Horses

Icelandic horses,  are about the size of a pony as we know it are about 50 to 56 inches (13 to 14 hands in horse terms) and weigh between 750 and 850 lbs. They are known as Icelandic Horses probably because Islandica has no word for PONY.  These horses have 6 gaits but are known as 5 gaited horses because the Icelandic breed registries consider the canter and gallop one gait.   The laws of the land do not permit any import of horses and if an Icelandic horse is exported out of the country, that horse may never return.

Here are some images from the trip:

Sunset lights up the head of this horse


Any snacks?

Atop a hill in the Snæfellsnes peninsula


A Majestic Gray

Note: There are over 100 names for the colors of horses in Icelandica.

Gray 2




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Iceland 2

Here are a  few more images from the two Iceland PTAW’s (Photo Tours and Workshops).  We visited some wonderful geothermal areas in the Reykjanes peninsula as well as massive lava fiels and valleys.  This section of Iceland is like a lunar landscape.  The ocean’s might and the winds are a real indication of why this region is abundantly populated with shipwrecks.  There are more lighthouses in this region than there are villages.  The famous Blue Lagoon and spa is situated here as are some massive geothermal power plants.

The Lava Fields on a Stormy Afternoon

While visiting this lava field above we were pounded by a hail storm – that hurt.

It is here that the North American and European tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust are as clear as can be. At Þingvellir: the plates diverge about 1 inch per year. However the gap is refilled as volcanoes have been erupting on a regular basis.

Þingvellir from the overlook ridge

This overlook ridge is host to a magnificent  waterfall.  Getting to the base of this fall was most difficult as the path was sheet of ice.  The second workshop group was unable to get here as it became far worse of a hike the following week.

Waterfall at Þingvellir

The famous Blue Lagoon and the Power Plants are wonderful photo opportunities at night.

The geothermals at the Blue Lagoon

This coloration is a result of the sulphur in the air.  In some cases the color becomes greenish as in the image below.

Steam Stacks at the Geothermal Power Plant

The next two images are from the geo thermal areas of the peninsula.


Geothermal pool with Lava

Glorious colors are abundant around the mud pots and hot springs.

Hot Spring Scape



Considering that more than 3/4 of Iceland is barren, the barren beauty is breathtaking.

Snow Covered Lava Field at Sunset

More to come

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Iceland – the Fire and Ice Photo Tour and Workshop

Got back after two glorious weeks in Iceland.  The ever changing weather really kept me on my toes.  Each day was a surprise – nothing like what was predicted the night before.  It is fun to experience bone chilling gale force winds, hail that hits your face like BB pellets, rain that falls sideways, brilliant blue skies when it isn’t overcast, the smell of sulphur, hot springs, and whole lot more.

A few images of the Aurora Borealis will speak for themselves.

The aurora on the first night was small but brilliant.

First Night Aurora


We chased the lights for quite a while the next evening and got a light level 1 Aurora

Aurora the Second Night


We had given up and were returning to the hotel.  Just as we entered the outskirts of the city this spectacular display presented itself.

Aurora in Reykjavick

I will post more over the next few days.


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