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Canon 5D Mk III Firmware upgrade

Canon has released a firmware upgrade/update for the 5D Mk III.  The latest version is 1.2.3 and can be downloaded using the following link:

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NiK – Google release Analog Efex Pro

Analog Efex Pro

Carriage Road House - Acadia National Park

Carriage Road House – Acadia National Park
Treated with Viveza and Analog Efex Pro (Wet Plate)

“Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses” as state by NiK

The plugin allows you to create images with the look of various analog camera and film types.  You can choose from Classic, Vintage, Wet Plate and Toy Cameras and create vintage effects.  You can  create textures, modify the bokeh, generate frames and vignettes with controls that are not like the typical NiK “control points” used in the original suite of products.

In the release NiK states that they will be adding  additional cameras, films, bells, and whistles.

NiK products will be automatically updated based on what you own but if you do not want to wait for the update to happen you can download the trial suite from the NiK web site and install it over your existing suite of NiK products.  Agalog Efex Pro will appear as an additional product in the Google/NiK collection.
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Topaz B&W Effects on sale

Topaz Labs is  running a 50% sale on B&W Effects from November 5th through November 19th. Just use the promo code novbw to get B&W Effects for $29.99 from lis link:

Topaz is also running a photo contest with the New York Institute of Photography from now until November 30th. The prizes include Topaz software and courses from NYIP. Here is the link to the contest :

Click to order – please enter the promo code novbw when asked

Remember ReMask promotion ends this Thursday, October 31st  the promo code is: octremask and you can use the same link as above.

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Phottix Mitros and Mitros+

mitrospI had done a review of the Phottix Mitros a while back but did not post it.  The Mitros is an excellent flash unit and in my review I had indicated that it should have been provided with a built in Odin radio wireless triggering system.  Phottix has released a new version of the Mitros called the Mitros+ that has the Odin system built in.

The Mitros Retails for $ 299 while the Mitros+ is $ 399

My review of the Mitros is a PDF document – click the link to open or download it: Phottix Mitros Flash Head

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LRTimelapse 3.1 – a fantastic upgrade

In a prior blog post I had recommended holding off on using Lightroom 5 for creating timelapse sequences with LRTimelapse as Adobe had made changes that eliminated the video export features from Lightroom when using LRTimelapse presets. LRTimelapse has been revamped and no longer relies on video rendering using Lightroom.  As a result LRtimelapse is now fully compatible with Lightroom Version 5.

I have done extensive testing of the latest version of LRTimelapse 3.1 and can say that it is an exceptional upgrade from LRTimelapse 2.

All the issues that Lightroom 5 presented are not longer a barrier.  The lastest version is 3.1 and a beta for version 3.2 is also available if you are so inclined.

Version 3 has an integrated module for video rendering that is much better and faster than what was available in Lightroom 4.  You can export and render 4K and 6K resolution video, it has MP4 and ProRes support and can render in multiple aspect ratios.

I would recommend the pro version so you can avail of all the great features that have been implemented. An easy to follow tabbed workflow for basic sequences, deflicker and holy-grail sequences makes timelapse creation a breeze.

Note however, the old “Commercial” version has been renamed to LRTimelapse Pro.

You can upgrade, cross-grade or purchase a new license by clicking here.

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Blueberry Barrens

Mid October the blueberries have been harvested and the barrens in Maine are ablaze with color.  The fall foliage provides a great background for these vast expanses of red, yellow and green. Around the third week of October the barrens are mowed down to the ground so you need to get your images before the mowing begins.

Blueberry Barren, Maine

Blueberry Barren, Maine

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Another great “Glorious Acadia” fall workshop

Night Photography in Bar Harbor

Night Photography in Bar Harbor

Got back late Monday Night after a wonderful 4 day “Glorious Acadia” workshop.  Had a great group of photographers and met some wonderful friends and made a few new ones too.  All-in-all this was a 5 star workshop.  One last one left this year in December – The Bosque del Apache and White Sands – a few spaces are still available.

Here are few images form various locations:


The setting sun lights up a dead pine atop Cadillac Mountain


I was looking to do something a little different during tho workshop.  There are way too many images of the same subjects and the same tripod holes.  Here isa lone dead tree lit up by the setting sun.  I knew it was going to be a full moon so we stayed at the same location and turned around about 130 degrees.  The next images is the moon rising.

Full Moon rising at Cadillac Mountain

Full Moon rising at Cadillac Mountain

The next image is a customary sunrise looking out toward Otter Clifs.  A few more clouds would definitely have added to the image.

Sunrise at Boulder Beach, aka Pebble Beach,  looking out to Otter Cliffs

Sunrise at Boulder Beach, aka Pebble Beach, looking out to Otter Cliffs


At otter cove I did an IR time lapse using the 16 to 35 mm series two Canon lens.   This was a disaster as this lens just like to older version creates a massive hotspot in the center of the frame of each image.  Trash canned the lot bout a deep crop on one image was useable.

Otter Cove - IR

Otter Cove – IR

I will be posting a few more images captured by the wonderful participants.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for coming and being so supportive.

One final slow shutter speed image from the trip:


Rock and Water Study



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Perfect Photo Suite 8 Public Beta Released

The Beta or pre-release version of Perfect Photo Suite 8 is now available. Download it today

This Public Beta will work alongside your existing onOne Software products, so you can explore the new version without losing the capabilities you already have. Download the Public Beta and get started now.

If you wish, you can pre-order the suite now and get a bonus video – click on the image below


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Sony Releases two full frame mirror-less cameras

sony a7rSony today announced the α7 and α7R interchangeable lens mirror-less systems.  Though the lens selection is limited but Sony promises and extensive line by 2015. I do believe these are definitely cameras that will be strong competition for other mirror-less and prosumer range DSLR cameras.  From the specifications these are ideal cameras for all types of photography with the exception of subjects that require a fast focusing system – wildlife and sports action photography.  The cameras will be available in December and I am putting one on my wish list.

The Sony α7R has a 36.4 megapixel sensor and excludes a low pass filter for obtaining greater detail.  The Sony α7 has a 24.3 megapixel sensor coupled with a reasonably fast hybrid auto focus system.

Click here for a link to the Sony press release.

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Vermont – Fall 2013


Cloudland Farm -Woodstock,

Cloudland Farm -Woodstock,

Fall colors have come a week or more early in most of New England.  Most tourist areas will be past peak foliage color by Columbus Day.

Took a trip up north to Vermont this pst weekend – the Ludlow and Woodstock areas.  Grey skies, rain and fog were in the forecast and for a change the weather man was on the money.

Thundering Brook Falls

Thundering Brook Falls

One must make the best of every opportunity and the Okemo mountain region offered the best fog images.

Fall Colors, VT

Fall Colors, VT


Trees and Fog on Okemo

Trees and Fog on Okemo


Near the Summit - Okemo

Near the Summit – Okemo


Trees - Vermont

Trees – Vermont




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