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Happy Thanksgiving



We would like to thank all our family, friends and clients on this 2015 Thanksgiving.

With sincere gratitude,
Monica & Shiv

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TOPAZ – 50% off the collection

It’s that time of year again! From November 25th through November 30th, get 50% off of the full Topaz Photography Collection. Whether you want to achieve stunning photo enhancements or apply artistic effects, this unique collection has you covered.

With the recent addition of Topaz Texture Effects, the Photography Collection now includes 17 products for only $499.99. With the 50% discount, new users can purchase the entire collection for ONLY $249.99! The savings aren’t just for new collection purchases either. Owners of the older Topaz Collections can take advantage of the savings as well! They will just need to log in to their accounts to see their unique Collection upgrade price, then apply the code for 50% additional savings!

The Coupon code is  ‘BLACKFRIDAY2015’


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Macphun Creative Kit – Black Friday Sale

Get another $10 off the already reduced and awesome price of $89.

Click here

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Macphun – Black Friday Deal

For just $89.99 get Macphun’s award-winning Creative Kit 2016 — plus some really great bonuses. All together, it’s over $600 worth of software and more for only $89.99!  Here is what you will get:

  • Creative Kit 2016 – our latest and greatest bundle of 6 incredible photo apps for Mac photographers, perfect for correcting and enhancing all kinds of images ($384 if purchased separately)
  • “Shoot to Share” – over 3 hours of professional training, including all of the RAW files (value: $100)
  • Aurora HDR Gift Card – worth $10 on the purchase of our new Aurora HDR software, co-developed with Trey Ratcliff (value: $10)
  • ViewBug Premium Membership – the world’s best contest platform to show off your photos and win prizes (value: $84)
  • Watermark Plus – complete all-in-one app for making Watermarks for your photos; includes batch processing (value: $30)
  • Picture Collage Maker – app that helps create eye-catching photo collages (value: $30)
  • VeprIT Resize Sense – batch processing app for resizing, cropping, renaming images and more (value: $20)
  • Presets & Textures Pack – to use with Tonality CK and Intensify CK (value: $30)

Plus, late in the game,  a couple more bonuses will be added just to keep things exciting! (but don’t worry,  all previous buyers get these too !).  ALL for just $89.99!!

Click on the image link above or below.

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Panasonic Lumix Cameras to support “Post Focus”

NEWARK, N.J.Nov. 20, 2015  — Panasonic LUMIX is proud to introduce a new photographic function called ‘Post Focus’ that allows anyone to capture multiple photos with multiple in focus points through a single release of the shutter.

Post Focus leverages Panasonic’s high-speed, high-precision, 49-area DFD (Depth From Defocus) auto focus technology, and leadership in 4K Photography and Video, to capture 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) images at 30 fps.

The operation of Post Focus function is quite simple and easy – set the camera to Post Focus mode, and press the shutter button. The camera automatically “racks” the focus while capturing photos with varied in focus points. During playback, use the touch screen to select the in focus area desired, and save as a separate 8 megapixel photo file…all right in the camera.

To assist in getting the perfect image, take advantage of Focus Peaking, 5x magnified view and fine adjustment functions, taking as much time as needed after shooting. The process can be repeated to get multiple images as many times as desired from the original photo.

The Post Focus function is best for non-moving subjects, such as portraits or landscapes, and is ideal for shooting at wide apertures to create dramatic, shallow depth of field effects. Create different impressions out of a single shot by changing the highlighted subject after capturing the picture, taking the risk and anxiety out of getting that perfect picture.

This capability will also assist advanced users interested in macro photography. Simply capture the scene using the same process, then use third party software to perform “focus stacking”, to combine multiple frames into a single image, which has more areas in tack-sharp focus for amazing results in a fraction of the time typically needed for great macro images.

The Post Focus function will be available on the DMC-GX8, DMC-G7 and DMC-FZ300 by updating to the latest FREE firmware upgrade, which will be available at GMT 1:00 a.m. on November 25, 2015 at LUMIX Global Customer Support Site:

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The Light in Bisti

Amazing landscapes can be found outside the boundaries of Bisti Badlands.  We had spend a considerable time scouting the fenced-in areas but exited the park before sundown so as to explore what was outside.  The warm colors of sunset were great but the light after the sun had dipped below the horizon was just exquisite.  These formations are about 1/2 mile from the parking lot.

(Please click on the image for a larger version)

Sony A7R II, 28-70 mm at 28mm.  Exposure triad: f/16, ISO 200, 1/10 sec.

Sony A7R II, 28-70 mm at 28mm. Exposure triad: f/16, ISO 200, 1/10 sec.

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Ridgeway, Colorado – Sunset

After driving to Mesa Verde and then scouting for hours in wet and snowy weather we never thought there would be any sunset.  We drove onto one of the county roads off the main highways into farmland.  The road, if you can call it that was a very wet and slushy dirt road with minimum traction even for a AWD SUV that we had rented. It was least expected but the skies showed signs of some light just before sundown.  In a few minutes a spectacular and most dramatic sunset unfolded.  It just got better and more expansive as we watched and photographed.  This image is the culmination of a sunset to remember.

(Click on the image for a larger rendition)




Sony A7R II, Rokinon 14mm, exposure triad: f/8, ISO 200, 1/25 sec.

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Lightroom 6.3 Released


Adobe has released Lightroom CC 2015.3 and Lightroom 6.3.  These are available via the update feature in Lightroom and on  This update/release brings back  the “Import” features that were removed when the last grand version was released.  It also addresses many of the bugs that were introduced with the prior release.

In addition, this release provides additional camera raw and lens profile support.

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Traveling from Albuquerque to Farmington (during the Bisti scouting trip) it was all cloudy and raining till we were a little over an hour from Farmington.  The rain stopped and clouds opened up to let the sun shine through.  I have wanted to capture a full rainbow (end to end) but on this occasion a double was just serendipitous.  though the double was not complete (a 10mm lens would have worked but all I had was a 14mm) I am happy with what I got.  (Please click on the images for a larger rendition)



This next image was shot at 60mm.


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Happy Diwali


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