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TWiP Episode 453 – Hot New DSLRs!

TWiP_Logo_300If you’ve been listening to TWIP over the years you probably know how we feel about the relatively slow pace of innovation in the “mirrored” camera space… also known as the dSLR.

To reiterate, I personally LOVE Canon and Nikon, and I still own a bunch of Nikon gear, including many lenses and strobes. But now I primarily shoot Panasonic Lumix gear. Part of the reasoning is that the innovations and tools mirrorless technology gives me, “fits” better with the kind of media creation (stills, video, etc) that I enjoy.

Enter Pentax — a company that Ricoh acquired back in 2011 for $124 million dollars, has announced a brand new dSLR, with many features not found on any “mainstream” camera (mirrored, or mirrorless!).

Also Canon has refreshed its dSLR line-up with the 80D, as well as new glass and some accessories squarely aimed at video creation.

Click here for the Youtube Channel

Here is the link to the TWiP page

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Topaz DeNoise 6 released

DeNoise BoxTopaz releases DeNoise 6, an updated version of their excellent noise reduction software, complete with new features. As always, the update is free to anyone who already owns DeNoise. And for those who don’t own it, DeNoise 6 will be on sale ($30 off!) from February 24th – March 20th. Please use the coupon code “NOISEFREE” with you can take advantage of the discounted price of $49.99 (regularly $79.99).


Topaz DeNoise is designed to let you shoot anywhere in any light and still get crisp, clear and noise-free images. Specializing in extremely noisy high ISO images, DeNoise removes distracting image noise while preserving image detail, giving you the image you wanted without the noise you don’t. Major features introduced in Topaz DeNoise 6 include:

  • Standalone Application – DeNoise 6 now works as a standalone product and doesn’t require a host editor to work. Although it can still be used as a plugin through Photoshop, Lightroom, and other supported host programs.
  • Camera Specific Presets – DeNoise 6 introduces dozens of presets based on various camera profiles, with multiple ISO presets for each camera.
  • Batch Processing (in standalone mode only) – DeNoise 6 introduces batch processing, allowing you to process a whole folder of images at once. That means no more need for Photoshop actions! Note that batch processing is only available in the standalone version, not the plugin version.
  • Support for High DPI (4k) monitors in Windows 7/8/10

Please click on the images for a larger view.




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Adobe Creative Cloud BUG may delete files in your root directory if you are a MAC user

From PetaPixel “Here’s a major warning to those of you who use Adobe Creative Cloud on a Mac: the latest version of Creative Cloud has a bug that deletes unrelated data from your root directory without warning.

The bug in Adobe Creative Cloud version was discovered by the cloud backup service Backblaze, whose customers were having their data deleted by Adobe’s app.”


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Motorized adapter to auto focus manual focus lenses – Leica & Voigtlander

TECHART PRO adapter is the world’s first autofocus adapter for manual focus camera lenses. It is able to turn your manual Leica M lens into an autofocus lens and use it with Sony A7 cameras that have Phase Detect focusing sensors.

See more at

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Iceland – Sept 17 – 25, 2016


Plans for the 2016 September Iceland photo tour and workshop have been finalized.  Exceptional fall colors and if luck prevails, the Aurora Borealis will make this trip exceptional.

From the western peninsulas of Snæfellsnes and Reykjanes to the exquisite south coast including the exquisite black sand beaches and icebergs in Jökulsárlón and surrounding areas this trip is designed for all levels of photographers.  This trip is limited to a maximum 10 participants.

All Iceland photo tours and workshops for the past 4 years were fully subscribed within a few days so please register as soon as possible.


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Cape Cod – after Lexi

After Friday’s snow storm, Saturday’s skies and a thin layer of high clouds were a good indication for photo opportunities.  heading out to the Cape this next image was off Rt. 1 in Foxboro. (please click on the images for a larger rendition)

Rt 1 Foxboro

Rt. 1 Foxboro

There are many great opportunities for some exceptional color in Cape Cod. This next image is an outhouse at a farm.  A favorite location we always visit during my “Light of Cape Cod” workshops that I will be posting in the next few days.


The Outhouse

Low tide coincidental with the sunset in the flats are another set of my favorite locations.


A sweep before sunset

With the way the low cloud bank was forming I did not expect much of a sunset.  There were some interesting cloud formations and a lovely warm glow on the horizon.


Cloud formations as the sun sets

As photographers we know never to leave after the sun sets – you never know what the skies might do. Staying pays off:


Red Skies at Night ……

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Lexi comes to an end with some lovely light

Snow laden conifers along the side of the yard

Snow laden conifers along the side of the yard

After dumping 12 plus inches of heavy wet snow Lexi was done and the skies opened up briefly. Some beautiful light on the tops of the trees forced me to stop shoveling and grab my camera for a few shots.  Sure was nice to take a break from shoveling.


Stairway to heavenly light



Golden light skims the tree tops behind our home



As the sun sets

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ON1 Resize 10 now available

Portland, OR – February 1, 2016 – ON1, Inc. has  announced ON1 Resize 10, the latest version of their award  winning Genuine  Fractals® technology. ON1 Resize 10 has also been added back in ON1 Photo 10.1,  a free  update for Photo 10 owners.

ON1 Resize allows photographers to get the  highest quality photo enlargements, using Genuine Fractals  technology–patented,  fractal-based interpolation algorithms—to enlarge photos without the  loss of  sharpness or detail. Popular features like the gallery wrap and tiling  options are included, an overhaul of the  user interface, and more.

The Gallery Wrap feature creates extended  margins for wrapping photos around wooden stretcher bars when  printing to  canvas. Photographers can preview the gallery wrap results in real time,  allowing them to fine tune  their settings speeding up the gallery wrap creation  process.

The Tiling Feature gives the ability to divide  photos into mosaic tiles for easy printing and proofing. This  feature also  makes it easier to save and print individual tiles when sending files to a  print service provider. It’s  also easy to create canvas diptychs, triptychs or  mosaics when combined with the gallery wrap feature.

The sharpening methods allow photographers to  sharpen small details without causing halos on larger, distinct  edges. The  sharpening methods can target out-of-focus photos and adapt sharpening amounts  automatically  to the size of image details.

There are also hundreds of presets to help save  time. Presets can also be modified and saved for resizing a photo, applying a specific  sharpening amount  and adding a gallery wrap– in one step.  The ability to combine several steps and save a preset is a big benefit for workflow efficiency.

Additional features include batch processing  for photos of mixed size, type and orientation, presets  for common  printer resolutions, presets for panoramic and  no-crop sizes, and film grain simulation.

About ON1 Resize 10 and ON1 Photo 10
ON1 Resize 10 works on both Mac OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11) and Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10).  Resize 10 also works as a plug-in to Adobe  Photoshop® and Lightroom CC, or as a standalone application.  Version 10  supports Photoshop CC 2015, CC 2014, and CS6; Lightroom 6, 5, 4; Photoshop  Elements 14, 13, 12  and 11.

ON1 Photo 10 (and 10.1) is a full-featured  photo editor that works either as a plug-in editor to Adobe  Photoshop and  Lightroom CC, or as a standalone application. ON1’s open system allows access  to your  photos no matter where they are stored: your computer, your network, or  on cloud-based storage services.  Photo 10 also supports the key online storage  services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s  OneDrive. ON1 Photo  10 works on both Mac OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11) and Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10).  Version 10 supports Photoshop CC 2015, CC 2014, and CS6; Lightroom 6, 5, 4;  Photoshop Elements 14, 13, 12  and 11.

Availability and pricing
ON1 Resize 10 is available immediately for  download from the ON1 website, and has a price of $79.99 for the  full version. A  60-day trial is also available immediately from the ON1 website.

Resize 10 is also available as part of ON1  Photo 10. Photo 10 is currently available for $109.99 and $89.99 for  the  upgrade. You can also try ON1 Photo 10 free for 60-days.

Click Below:

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ON1 Effects 10 – Free Download


Portland, OR – February 3, 2016 – ON1, Inc. has announced ON1 Effects 10 FREE, a new free version of its effects app for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Photographers will find powerful tools for adding style to their photos that can be difficult or time-consuming to create in Photoshop, Lightroom, or Photoshop Elements.

ON1 Effects 10 FREE includes:
The free version includes a select number of stackable effects (filters, presets, borders, and textures) from the full version of ON1 Effects 10. In all, over a hundred photo effects are included.

Two of the most popular ON1 filter categories have been added in the latest release. These are the Dynamic Contrast Filter and the HDR Look Filter. New preset categories for Color Grading, Faded and Matte Looks, and Haze Reducing are also available.

Effects 10 FREE includes the ON1 Perfect Brush technology. The edge detection in the Perfect Brush allows users to brush their effect(s) on specific areas of a photo.

The masking tools allow users to selectively mask or paint in effects on parts of photos. Add any effect to or remove it from a specific part of a photo with a simple brush stroke. The set of masking tools are easy to use and perfect for local adjustments, such as brightness, contrast, and detail.

The Filter Stack allows users to combine different effects to create and customize their own looks. Each effect can be applied to its own layer users can adjust and fine-tune.

ON1’s Perfect B&W module is also integrated into Effects 10 FREE, which lets users apply the included filters—including the popular Dynamic Contrast effect—to monochrome photos.

Users will have complete control over the organization of presets and preset categories (same in the full version), making it easy to customize Effects FREE.

About ON1 Effects 10 FREE
ON1 Effects 10 FREE works on both Mac OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11) and Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10). Effects 10 FREE also works as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom CC, or as a standalone application. Version 10 supports Photoshop CC 2015, CC 2014, and CS6; Lightroom 6, 5, 4; Photoshop Elements 14, 13, 12 and 11. It also includes the Apple Photos extension.


For a full version of the ON1 10 suite click below:

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Wild Flowers, Smoky Mountains and Cades Cove – Spring Workshop


April 17 to 22, 2016 – Six Day 5 Night Photo Workshop

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a world-renowned preserve of wildflower diversity over 1,660 kinds of flowering plants are found in the park, more than in any other North American national park. In fact, the park is sometimes referred to as the “Wildflower National Park.” From the earliest hepaticas and spring-beauties in the late winter to the last asters in the late fall, blooming flowers can be found year-round in the park. Wildlife is fairly abundant in Cades Cove and we will have opportunities if lucky, to photograph bears. Landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and much more – a photographer’s paradise.


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