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Seasons Greetings

Thank you all for a great 2017 and looking forward to 2018.


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The G-Hold Micro-Suction Disk

The G-Hold is a unique micro suction disk with a levered slide disk that works as the support mechanism between your fingers. You attach this removable, reusable micro suction disk to the back of your iPad, tablet, e-reader, large smart phone, or, as I have, a wireless Wacom Tablet.  Any portable electronic device that has a smooth flat surface can be comfortably hand-held at any angle.  Unlike stick-on pads that have uncomfortable velcro straps, the G-Hold is flat and strain-free.

The device is made of a plastic 4 inch disk with a multitude of micro-suction cups.  On the reverse side is a smaller disk attached via a fold away sliding mechanism. This slips between your index and middle finger or your middle and ring finger (based on your personal comfort level). The large disk and the hand grip disk are coupled via a circular lip allowing for a 360 degree rotation.  This allows you to support your tablet, etc. comfortably in any position.  

The micro-suction cups are designed to be attached to smooth surfaces.  However, if the back of your tablet has texture or a pebbled surface, the G-Hold package includes a “Compatibility Sticker” that you need to attach to your device before affixing the G-Hold. The included sticker does not leave any residue and does not cause any discoloration.  

Attaching the G-Hold to your tablet is easy. First clean the surface you are going to attach the G-Hold to. Use a damp cloth and let the surface dry.  Next, peel off the backing from the micro-suction cups’ disk and press the G-Hold firmly onto the back of your tablet applying even pressure over the entire surface. Now you can slide your fingers between the two disks and position the tablet for best viewing or use.

The physical dimensions are: Diameter: 4.0″ / 10.2 cm and Height: 0.5″ / 1.25 cm.  The height is with the clip folded down.  As such, the unit is slim enough that you can still insert your tablet easily into a case. However, you may not be able set your tablet or iPad on your desk and use it comfortably as it is no longer stable on a flat surface.  Careful mounting on the high side of a Wacom Tablet will allow for a stable yet an angled position. To solve for stability, it is best to remove the G-Hold.  This is easily done using a thin plastic card or a length of dental floss slipped between the tablet and the G-Hold. As it is best to maintain a clean surface on both the G-Hold and the tablet a carrying case for the G-Hold would be a nice addition/accessory.

In the event you want to move the G-Hold to another device or wish to reposition it, remember to wipe the micro-suction cup surface with a damp cloth before affixing it.

The packaging has some interesting warnings that you need to be aware of:

“Be careful, though, it’ll lose its grip if you get dirt, grease or finger marks on them, and your tablet could end up on the floor. Wipe the micro suction gently with a damp cloth, then dry before each use.”


“It’s made of pretty  tough stuff but try not to hit the central disc side-on against the edge of hard surfaces. However, rest assured, if you do drive over it with  a steamroller, that the entire top section of the G-Hold can be screwed out and the clip replaced. Just line up the inner and outer notches, insert something like a paperclip, and turn until the top part slips out.

New parts are available from our website,


The G-Hold can be ordered from B&H Photo 

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4V Italian Leather Camera Straps

If you are looking for a great camera strap for yourself or as a gift this holiday season, you know there are lots to choose from.  Now, if you want a premium leather neck or hand strap, there is a manufacturer that you may not have heard of, 4V Design from Italy.  4V straps have a number of styles and sizes to select from and some awesome color combinations too.

4V straps are hand crafted from premium Italian leather and are truly a high end strap.  The leather is vegetable tanned that is not only soft and supple but hols its shape extremely well. If you are particular about the use of chemicals in the processing and tanning of leather, there are no chemicals employed in the production of these straps.

I bought my first 4V strap, the Lusso (shown above) about 6 months ago and absolutely fell in love with the shape, comfort and the elegant look of the strap.  I have since added many more to my collection and now have one on each camera body I own.  The straps are not cheap, however for the holidays Hunt’s Photo is doing an incredible deal of with 70% and more off the price.

CLICK HERE for a link to some of the models.  Many more are at the store and if you want to get a great leather strap – the 4V straps are the best.


The packaging


These straps are not just well made they are well designed and and the color combinations are aesthetically pleasing.  Every element of the 4V strives for perfection, from the stitching, adjustable lengths, choice of connection kits and non slip padding.

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