Eurasian Spoonbill

Late February is the time when most Eurasian Spoonbils return North to their summer abode.  However I was luck to see a few stragglers at the Keoladeo NP.  The birds…


More from SW Florida

Even though the copy of the Leica f/2.8 200mm lens is a pre-production unit I foun it performing exceptionally well.  It focuses fast and the camera and lens combination have…


Anhingas can look good too

Really wanted to see the G9's performance with dynamic range and the ability to capture good shadow detail.  I was very pleased with the performance as you will see from…

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Indian Peafowl at Sunrise

  The image above was captured on the first morning.  The following four images are a sequence of a male Indian Peafowl flying toward a snag and then instantly departing.…

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