Hard to Believe!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3CX7RMXKCs&t=88s You may be aware that I have been involved with Platypod and its inventor Dr. Larry Tiefenbrunn from the very inception of the "tripod alternative. I am equally proud…

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It’s Time to Meet Platyball!

Tomorrow on The Grid Platypod will unveil a new Kickstarter campaign for an incredible product, Platyball. It'll be best explained and demonstrated during the show, but for now, here's what…

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Post Focus & Focus Stacking

Just posted my latest YouTube episode on Post Focus and Focus Stacking Click Here for the link to my channel

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The Platyball

"Everything you know about tripods and ball heads is about to change. Check out this week's announcement from Platypod and visit www.Platyball.com. Their Kickstarter campaign launches on Jan 15 and there's…

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