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  • Peregrine Falcon – Nature’s Way
  • Chasing Storms in the Badlands, SD
  • After the Rain
    After a hailstorm and a lot of rain, the Badlands look like they have been given a fresh coat of color. This is an image taken from the loop road looking down into the formations. I was awed by the intensity of the reds. Captured with the Panasonic Lumix S1R […]
  • Milkyway in the Badlands
    While at the Photographic Society of America conference/festival in Rapid City, South Dakota I had a few opportunities to get out to the Badlands. The Badlands are situated about 85 miles East of Rapid City if you use the far entrance (the more scenic entrance). This is a night adventure […]
  • If you wait for the clouds
    This first image was the scene earlier this month in the Badlands, SD. The layers of the formations were interesting but there was just no separation and the tones just merged into each other. However, as the clouds blocked the sun and shadows came across these layers the separation was […]
  • A Nuthatch Dive……….
    I find Nuthatches to be fascinating birds. They spend so much time facing down, and the swift movements are fun to watch. This was a dive down to where there were some sunflower seeds. A quick grab and they are gone before you know.
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