Canon 50MP EOS 5D S and 5D SR – my 2 Cents

5dsCanon announces two 50MP full frame DSLR (mirror box) cameras, the 5DS and the 5DS R. Price for the S is $3,700 and the S R $3,900. The $200 price difference give you the ability to deploy a The only difference between the models is that for $200 more you get self-cancellinglow pass filter. It is stated that the 5D Mark III will remain in production along side these new models.  Availability June 2015 but you can pre-order them now.



So whats new and what have Canon taken away from the great 5D MkII that is approaching its 3rd birthday on March 2, 2015?

Co5dsrmpare the 5DS and 5DS R to the 5D MkIII

    • The 5DS has Gold lettering (top of the line EOS) the 5DS R on the other hand has white and red lettering more like the Rebel series vs all white on the 5D MkII
    • 50.2MP CMOS sensor vs. 22.1MP
    • 5fps continuous shooting vs. 6fps
    • ISO 100-6400 (Extended ISO 12,800) vs. 25,600 (Extended ISO 102,400) Not a low light performer – Nikon and Sony are still on top.
    • 61-point AF point with 41 Cross types and 5 double cross types (5D MkIII is the same)
    • Metering 150k (RGB + IR) vs 63 segments (RG/GB)
    • Digic 6 processors vs. Digic 5+
    • Optical low-pass filter on the 5DS and the 5D Mk III. The 5DS R has a self canceling feature
    • Motorized Mirror vs Spring loaded in the 5D Mk11I.  This is  refinement for Mirror lock-up to prevent mirror slap vibrations.  When active it uses a single shutter release rather than the two for the 5D MkIII.
    • Built in Intervalometer (Thank you) vs. none
    • Video – all three have the same video capture capability. However, the new models do not have a headphone jack and no clean manuals HDMI output. None of them offer 4K.  So for video the 5D MkIII is still on top.  part of the reason is the USB3 port that is much longer than the old USB2 port so there was no space left.  In my opinion – the 1D form factor would be the perfect body type for this introduction.
    • USB 3 vs. USB 2. Fast UHS1 compatible card slots on the new cameras.

What else is missing

  • No Touch Screen
  • No Articulating Screen
  • No focus peaking
  • No Zebra Stripes
  • No on-board stereo microphone
  • No GPS
  • No WiFi or NFC
  • Innovation

So here are my thoughts on all this.  Why rush to announce this 5 months before any signs of availability.  Who really needs 50MP and particularly on a 35mm (full frame) sensor. 36MP sensors on the Sony A7R and the Nikon D810 are very unforgiving. Stability and accurate focusing are critical for a good image so if you want this camera, plan on getting a really solid tripod, a top quality ball head and learn how to use the combination well.  These will not be a casual users camera. Studio and landscape photographers will or may benefit.  The big questions I have are:

What is the real low light performance – Reduced high ISO may indicate it not to be too great

What is the real dynamic range – will it be as good as the Sony sensors used in the Nikon D810 and the A7R.

It will be great to see some test results and real life performance reports.

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  1. Marie Pelletier February 6, 2015 at 12:34 pm #

    I am intererested in the dynamic range of this 5Ds, I love night photography.. .. Thank you Shiv, I love reading your informative blogs.

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