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Boston Skyline March 19, 2011 Super Moon Night

Boston Skyline

While cleaning up bring to make more room on my Macbook for the upcoming photo tour and workshop to India next week I came across this image.  This was captured about a year ago on the night of the “super moon”.  I am looking forward to doing a lot of night photography and time lapse images on this trip.  In particular the Taj Mahal – we will be in Agra the night after the full moon but hopefully will get some good opportunities.

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Mother and Child – Cape Cod Workshop

Going through some of the images from the final day of the workshop I came across this one from Coast Guard beach.  Shot during the midday hours in contrasty light the monochromatic treatment appealed to me.  I took it one step further and applied the antique plate effect from NIK Silver Efex Pro.

Mother and Child - Coast Guard Beach

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Cape Cod – Sunday Sept. 11

Got back late Saturday afternoon after doing my Macro and Close-up presentation in New York but had to do some shooting so decided to go and spend some time at the Cape.  The clouds were not looking good all afternoon but decided to take a chance and stayed for sunset.  This is the result – I guess just like the rest of New England the Cape is unpredictable.

Canon 7D, 16-35 mm at 24 mm, ISO 100, f14, 1.6 sec

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Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing
500 mm, f5.6, 1/320 at ISO 400

Had planned to go down to Cape Cod today but the weather forecast was not the best so went looking for Waxwings instead.  One from this morning.   Also want to clear a misconception that a few fellow photographers had – the male and female have the same markings – the red tips do not indicate a male bird.


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Asiatic Lily and Sunflowers – July 25

A mid-day trip, first stop North Kingstown, RI to photograph the Asiatic Water Lilies.

Water Lily Bud

In Full Glory With One Gone By

Water Lily Montage

Next stop, Buttonwood Farm in Griswold, CT.  The heat was fairy intense but not as bad as on Friday.  Regret we did not stay for sunset which turned out to be quite good,  may go back this weekend or sooner as the second field was only in bud.

Sunflower Pollination

The Right Field

A Buttonwood Farm Dreamscape

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Canon releases firmware update for the 7D

Canon has just released a firmware update Version 1.2.5 for the 7D.

Click here for the link and download

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Maple Leaf Emerging (Macro)

Unfurling Maple Leaves
Canon 7d – 24 to 70 f2.8 26 image focus stack
Exposure triad:  ISO 100 f5.6 1/25 sec

Spring seems to be in the air.  The azaleas are blooming and the maple leaves are emerging.  With the slight rain last night the ornamental maple looked gorgeous this morning. This is a stacked macro of a set of leaves unfurling.

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Canon 7D , 24 – 70 2.8
Exposure triad:  ISO 200, F16, 1/13 sec
Have been shooting images for my presentation and workshop in July.  This andromeda looked ideal for some texture. So here it is.
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Anther and Filament of a Maple Flower

Anther & Filament of a Maple Flower
Canon 7D, 100 mm Macro with a 1.4x teleconverter and two full sets of extension tubes for a total of 136mm extension.

This is an image of one of the anthers of the maple flower from the image posted yesterday.  Macro done well can be so much fun.  Mirror lock up and twenty five images at f2.8 stacked using Helicon Focus.

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Macro – Maple Flower Stack

Maple Flower Macro

Canon 7D, 100mm Macro lens
Exposure triad: ISO 100, f5.6. 1/3 sec.

Macro experiments – this is a 20 image stack of this maple flower.  Used Helicon Focus to do the stack.  The depth (front to back of the image) is 7/16 inch while the flower is about 1/4 inch.  The magnification is approximately 1.6X.  The image has absolutely no post processing or sharpening applied.

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