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The Lumix G9 and Post Focus

I have been asked this many times and no matter how much I explain it there is still some confusion.  Basically, the Post Focus function in the supporting Lumix cameras rely on the high-resolution video capability in conjunction with focus racking to capture a sequence of images that can be selected by defining the plane of focus.  So as an example, if you were to set up a yardstick and let the camera take a post-focus image – the camera would focus on the nearest point to the lens take an image and then gradually refocus a bit further out and take another image till it reached the end of the frame at the farthest point.  There would be a series of images each one at a different point of focus.  Note however that this sequence is captured using the video mode of the camera. 

Once the images are captured, the camera does internal processing that then allows you to tap on the screen to select the image that has the best focus at that selected point.  You can then opt to save this selected image.  Supporting this function is post-capture peaking to confirm focus and in addition, you can magnify the image for a selective selection.

This feature is further augmented with a merge function.  You can merge all the images captured into a single image that is tack sharp from the closest focus point to the farthest.  However what is even more useful, particularly if you use large apertures for a shallow depth of field and you want to keep your background out of focus.  You can select the range you want to merge and thereby leave the remainder of the scene out of focus.

The following image that I used as the lead image was captured in post focus and merged in its entirety.

For this next Post-focus demonstration I placed a postcard on the background and merged the entire set of images.  As you can see the postcard is in focus as are the flowers.


Next, I used the same Post-Focus set but this time iI selected just the range I wanted, just the flowers and executed the merge.  The following is the resulting image with the postcard nicely blurred:

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the power of this feature and the many ways you can use it.  Please note that when these images are captured using 6K Photo Mode, the resulting images are 18 MP and suitable for very large enlargements when processed with the appropriate software.


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One Day Workshop Schedule

_DSC4115-Edit 3

The following is the workshop schedule for the first half of 2016:


Workshop details are available from the Registration Page.

March 20 – Macro and Close-up Photography

March 26 – Flash Photography, High Speed flash, creative lighting

April 3 – Macro and Close-up Photography

April 9 – Portrait and Lighting Techniques

April 10 – Digital Photography A-Z.  This is a one day three part course that will teach you camera basics, post processing and printing.

June 4 – The Digital Darkroom – a course that covers image capture, asset management, processing and enhancement, output to print and web media. A one day program for digital image making workflow

June 5 – Flash Photography, High Speed flash, creative lighting

June 11 – Timelapse Photography, post processing and video assembly

June 12 – Macro and Close-up Photography

If you have any questions or would like more information please call 617-759-0010 or email

Please use this REGISTRATION link to register for these workshops.

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Wild Flowers, Smoky Mountains and Cades Cove – Spring Workshop


April 17 to 22, 2016 – Six Day 5 Night Photo Workshop

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a world-renowned preserve of wildflower diversity over 1,660 kinds of flowering plants are found in the park, more than in any other North American national park. In fact, the park is sometimes referred to as the “Wildflower National Park.” From the earliest hepaticas and spring-beauties in the late winter to the last asters in the late fall, blooming flowers can be found year-round in the park. Wildlife is fairly abundant in Cades Cove and we will have opportunities if lucky, to photograph bears. Landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and much more – a photographer’s paradise.


_S5A3107-Edit flat txt

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“Dusk on the Flower
Of the white peony
That embraces the moon.”
Gyodai – Haiku from the Edo period (1603 – 1868)

This image was inspired by Chinese/Japanese art where paintings of peonies proliferate. In this culture, it is not only the symbol of wealth and status but can also be a metaphor for female beauty. In Western culture the flower was named after the Greek God Paeon. The root of the white peony like many other plants is used for medicinal purposes.

As a photographer the beauty of this flower captivates and inspires me.

Since there is no direct translation of my name into Chinese, I had to create my own “chop” – an an S and a V.

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Rendezvous with the Sensuous


Hosta Leaves

“Every direction offers a lesson in form and aesthetic options; one element after another attracts the eye with texture, color and tension that provokes a spectrum of emotion.”

an excerpt from Rendezvous with the Sensuous: Readings on Aesthetics – Linda Ardito, John Murungi

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Hummingbird Moth Hemaris thysbe

Hummingbird Moth Hemaris thysbe

Hummingbird Moth Hemaris thysbe

The Hummingbird Moth Hemaris thysbe, unlike most moths that are nocturnal or shade loving, is seen on bright sunny days. It is a fantastic hovering species  that flies like a hummingbird and hence its name.

They feed on nectar using a very long proboscis.  Their wings flap at incredible speeds.  This image was captured at 1/1600 sec and I was unable to freeze the wings.


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When all you see is snow and the temps are 17 below.

There is no point freezing in these temperatures so here are three images begging for spring.  Each was shot using a Zeiss 50mm at f/ 1.4 and a shutter speed of 1/80 to 1/100 sec, ISO 100.  A high key setup with a single strobe on the background and two for the flower.  Each image was compiled from a stack of 6 to 9 images for the best DOF.

Image personality achieved by post processing in LR5, PS6, NiK and Macphun.




Green Mums

Green Mums





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Diaphanous Flowers – Rose of Sharon

This is the fourth flower in this series.  A Rose of Sharon from the yard.  This one was lit from the side and the back with a low intensity cross fill.  All lighting for these images have been cool LED lights, daylight balanced.  Once again please click on the image for a larger view.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

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Diaphanous Flowers – Mandevilla

This mandevilla bloom was photographed last week.  This is the third flower in this series.  Currently I am working on a Rose of Sharon and hoping to post the result in a day or two. Please click on the image for a larger rendition.



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Diaphanous Lily 2

Lily 2

Lily 2

This is the second image in the series.  The process is the same as Diaphanous Lily with the exception of lighting.  Here I used two lights instead of the single light in the first image.  Please click on the image for a larger view.

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