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One Day Workshop Schedule

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The following is the workshop schedule for the first half of 2016:


Workshop details are available from the Registration Page.

March 20 – Macro and Close-up Photography

March 26 – Flash Photography, High Speed flash, creative lighting

April 3 – Macro and Close-up Photography

April 9 – Portrait and Lighting Techniques

April 10 – Digital Photography A-Z.  This is a one day three part course that will teach you camera basics, post processing and printing.

June 4 – The Digital Darkroom – a course that covers image capture, asset management, processing and enhancement, output to print and web media. A one day program for digital image making workflow

June 5 – Flash Photography, High Speed flash, creative lighting

June 11 – Timelapse Photography, post processing and video assembly

June 12 – Macro and Close-up Photography

If you have any questions or would like more information please call 617-759-0010 or email

Please use this REGISTRATION link to register for these workshops.

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When all you see is snow and the temps are 17 below.

There is no point freezing in these temperatures so here are three images begging for spring.  Each was shot using a Zeiss 50mm at f/ 1.4 and a shutter speed of 1/80 to 1/100 sec, ISO 100.  A high key setup with a single strobe on the background and two for the flower.  Each image was compiled from a stack of 6 to 9 images for the best DOF.

Image personality achieved by post processing in LR5, PS6, NiK and Macphun.




Green Mums

Green Mums





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Nissin i40 – an exceptional pocketable flash

Nissin i40 for MFT

Nissin i40 for MFT

I had been anxiously waiting for the two evaluation units to arrive and finally they arrived two days ago, December 15, 2014. The small Nissin i40 is made for Canon, Nikon, Micro Four Thirds, Sony and Fuji cameras. With a current street price of $269 this is a very affordable unit.

In the box is the flash head, a stand with a metal 1/4 20 thread for mounting on a light stand or other device, a diffuser, and a quick start instruction manual.  A nice belt mountable pouch for carrying the unit is provided and they include a carabiner so you can attach the pouch to any belt, strap or camera bag loops and rings. A spare set of AA batteries fits nicely in the diffuser so you can carry enough reserve power in one convenient pouch.

The i40 weighs 7 oz and fully extended is under 3 1/2 inches. The unit is powered by 4 AA batteries and unlike the larger Nissin flashes this does not have a cartridge system for the batteries. With a guide number of 40 or at ISO 100 of 131′ at 105 mm and 89′ at 35 mm position, the unit is suitable for most photographers who like to carry a handy flash for fill as well as indoor photography needs.Nissin 140

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Elinchrome D-LiTE-RX4 – Review

S5A9669-Edit.jpgElinchrom’s new D-Lite-RX 2/4 200/400 ws strobes are excellent low sync speed semi portable studio worthy strobes.  The ”it” designation is for Intelligent Triggering.

Each strobe head is made from a rugged impact resistant plastic that has a rubberized top handle with a holder for a spare fuse.with many new exciting  features. The kit contains two strobes, power cables, two Portalite square soft boxes, with bayonet mounts.  Included is one reflector.

Each head has a built-in Skyport” receiver and a four channel Skyport transmitter is included with the kit.The transmitter is an optional item for single units.  All heads are fan cooled when needed. The kit includes a pair of Manfrotto light stands and all carrying cases.


The heads are available in 200 and 400 Watt versions. My units are 400 Watts. The control panel is well configured as shown in the image below.


Control Panel – Image courtesy of Elinchrome


RX4 Spec

Technical Specifications – as provided by Elinchrome

The power switch is illuminated when the head is powered on.  A two position LED indicates the power setting, with two buttons to increase or decrease the power in 1/10 increments. Another button allows you to set the modeling light at full power, minimum power, proportional power or off. There is a strobe trigger button called the Eye-Cell and is programmable for Auto, Manual or Pre-Flash modes.  This is very useful when using a hot-shoe flash to trigger the D-Lites. Finally there is a button to turn on or off the audible beep.  The units have a decent recycling rate recharging in .35 to 1.6 seconds based on the power output setting.  A great feature is “Auto Dumping”. When you lower the power output the nut will automatically dump the excess charge and indicates it is ready with a beep.



Assembling the Portalite soft boxes takes up most of the time. There is one addition I would like, a secondary diffusion panel inside the Portalite Softbox. The rest is easy.  The units come preconfigured to work with the Skyport set on the Frequency Channel 1 and Group 1.  Changing channels and groups is easy and accomplished pressing the power up and down buttons together, then toggling the function using the modeling lamp mode button and using the individual power up or down buttons to

select the following:

  • Groups 1 through 4
  • Channels 1 through 8

At any time you can do a Master Reset to factory defaults switching off the unit, holding the power up and down buttons and switching on the unit again.

S5A9674-Edit.jpgThe unit has two umbrella mounts. one is a centered tube that will accept 7mm diameter umbrella shafts that are on the Elinchrome EL umbrellas. If you do not have EL umbrellas you can mount an off centered umbrella in the secondary mount near the tilt handle.

For most of the work I do in studio I find these to be an excellent choice.  The units work flawlessly. I have two sets in my studio and for the past 8 months these have never missed a beat. The power output and color temperature are consistent and the supplied cases are ideal for transportation to allocation shoots.

I highly recommend these units to anyone looking for an excellent high quality starter system.  My preference is for the 400W units.

These can be purchased for $949 for the 400WS heads and $849 for the 200WS heads.  Individual heads are also available but the best price breaks are when you purchase a kit.

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Topaz labs – Thanksgiving Sale



I want to let you know about a huge promotion Topaz Labs is running for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. For the first time ever the Topaz Complete Photography Collection, which includes all the products will be on sale for $199.99, which is almost 50% off the normal price of $379.99. The sale will run from November 28th through December 2nd 2013.


Click to license Topaz Products


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Lighting Demo and Educational Program

I am truly honored and proud to have been selected to demonstrate and teach lighting for Manfrotto.  They represent Gitzo, Elinchrome, Lastolight, Gossen and more of the finest.

Join me for a day at Hunts Melrose or a  1/2 day in Hanover.

This is a great educational experience as well as an opportunity to check out some fantastic lighting gear.  Some of the finest manufacturers products featured in one location.

The event is free but you need to register.

Dealerday june 2013 MDD – Hunts Promotional Piece

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Blurs and Abstracts

Many an image of birds in flight have been photographed while panning and using slow shutter speeds to create blurry images (aka “pleasing blurs”).  I decided to try something similar but different.  Rather than capturing a whole flock I concentrated on a few.  Waited for a decent formation and captured the image.  Enhanced in photoshop to augment the high key effect and treated with NiK Color Efex Pro for added impact.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome?

Snow Geese Abstract


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