Checking for Monitor Reproduction

Last evening I presented “Screen to Paper” at the Gateway Camera Club.  A number of members and guests requested verification charts for monitor calibration.  So here is a brief and the charts.

Shadow Reproduction:

Create a Photoshop image as in the image below;  It is a square with three levels of grey:  RGB 0 0 0, 8 8 8, and 12 12 12. Macke sure that your monitor can resolve all three levels

Brightness & Contrast

Use the following chart to ensure that the Brightness and Contrast settings are correct.  Each band should be distinct and visibly separate from its neighbor.

Now using Photoshop create a 6 inch by 1 inch Photoshop image at 72 ppi.  Using the the gradient tool to create a gradient from black (RGB 0 0 0) to white (256 256 256).  Make sure that the shadows and highlights can be resolved.  There should be no banding or breaks in the display.

Color Verification

The three primary color charts are for reference.  You should be be seeing the full range of color steps as in the grayscale chart above.  Unlike the grayscale chart the extreme ends on the primary color charts ale less distinguishable.  Please do not use these charts to make color adjustments.  they are provided for verification only.

All the charts are available as a zip file that can be downloaded. Click Here.

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