Fun With The Tiny Lumix ZS70 – P&S Camera

This was the first day of events at Crane Festival in Bosque del Apache.  All my gear was still in the holding area so I decided to try out the ZS70.  This is a tiny point and shoot that fits perfectly in any pocket.  Its hybrid image stabilization coupled with a 30X 720mm optical zoom is ideal for birders who want a decent record shot of the birds they see.

These are a sampling of the images I got in the early morning at the first pond on Rt1 before you get to the visitor center. Files converted from RAW to JPG with minimum processing in Lightroom. Images cropped for composition.

Cottonwood Tree and Sandhill Cranes


Sandhill Cranes Feeding


Sandhill Cranes – Ready for Take-Off


Snow Geese Blast-Off

As I am here in Bosque at the Festival of Cranes showing photographers and birders what the Lumix camera and lens lineup can do for them, Gary Farber form Hunts Photo & Video is on had with all this great gear for sale at some super prices.  If you need a Lumix Camera or Lens just email Gary at and he will surely take care of you.

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