Icelandic horses,  are about the size of a pony as we know it are about 50 to 56 inches (13 to 14 hands in horse terms) and weigh between 750 and 850 lbs. They are known as Icelandic Horses probably because Islandica has no word for PONY.  These horses have 6 gaits but are known as 5 gaited horses because the Icelandic breed registries consider the canter and gallop one gait.   The laws of the land do not permit any import of horses and if an Icelandic horse is exported out of the country, that horse may never return.

Here are some images from the trip:

Sunset lights up the head of this horse


Any snacks?
Atop a hill in the Snæfellsnes peninsula


A Majestic Gray

Note: There are over 100 names for the colors of horses in Icelandica.

Gray 2




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