Got back after two glorious weeks in Iceland.  The ever changing weather really kept me on my toes.  Each day was a surprise – nothing like what was predicted the night before.  It is fun to experience bone chilling gale force winds, hail that hits your face like BB pellets, rain that falls sideways, brilliant blue skies when it isn’t overcast, the smell of sulphur, hot springs, and whole lot more.

A few images of the Aurora Borealis will speak for themselves.

The aurora on the first night was small but brilliant.

First Night Aurora


We chased the lights for quite a while the next evening and got a light level 1 Aurora

Aurora the Second Night


We had given up and were returning to the hotel.  Just as we entered the outskirts of the city this spectacular display presented itself.

Aurora in Reykjavick

I will post more over the next few days.


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