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This is the last of the India trip reports but I will continue to update the blog with additional images as I process them.  Just got back from an awesome workshop in SW Florida – look out for the next batch of reports and images.

So we arrived in Kanha for a three-night stay. The plan was for five safaris but with the unpredictability of the airline we were booked on, we changed our tickets to depart from Nagpur instead of Jubalpur.  This meant a 5 to 6 hour travel time from the lodge instead of 2 to 3 hours.

Kanha is about 3 times the size of Bandhavgarh resulting in a sparse distribution of both safari jeeps and animals.  It is however a prettier jungle and has a few species that are not found in Bandhavgarh – the Indian Bison or Gaur, the Indian wild dog, and swamp deer.  We saw and photographed all but the wild dog.

The Earth Lodge in Kanha is one of the nicest places to stay. Very modern facilities, beautiful stone construction, an infinity swimming pool and awesome food.

Here are a few images of the lodge photographed by Hal Oliver:

Greeting Area at The Entrance


Cottage Entrance
The Bedroom at a Cottage
Bathroom Area


Here are some images from Kanha:

Honey Buzzard in Flight - image Hal Oliver


Indian Bison - Gaur - image Dan Charbonnet
Langur - image Dan Charbonnet
Sambar Deer - A Good Laugh - image Hal Oliver


Spotted Owlets - image Dan Charbonnet

It is now February 26th and the eve of our departure.  We fly from Nagpur to Delhi on Indigo Airlines – an upcoming and ranked number one in India.  It was a pleasure to leave a bit ahead of schedule and land on time – a very pleasant experience.

We decided to do a bit of sightseeing on the last day.  A trip to Delhi Haat that is more like a permanent craft fair.  Handicrafts and native foods from the various states of India are the main attraction.

The next Photo Tour will include a visit to photograph Asiatic Lions.  Custom trips to India can be requested both for Cultural and Wildlife opportunities.

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