It’s Time to Meet Platyball!

Tomorrow on The Grid Platypod will unveil a new Kickstarter campaign for an incredible product, Platyball. It’ll be best explained and demonstrated during the show, but for now, here’s what can be shared.

The Platyball presents a new, revolutionary way to level.  Featuring an inverted design, single-handed ergonomics, and a unique twist-action Arca Swiss compatible clamp, we have literally taken the classic tripod head design and turned it upside down.  Redesigned from the ground up, the Platyball becomes an extension of your hand and allows you to quickly level your camera better than ever before. It is heavy duty and accurate to 0.5 a degree.

Want to see the Platyball in action? Check out this thirty-second segment of the upcoming launch video. It’s just a click away.

Join the team on Wednesday at 4:00 pm EST on The Grid at Registration is FREE.

Make sure you don’t miss the launch. Visit and click on the launch notification button. For first day backers, there’s a special bonus of a FREE Platypod Ultra!

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