LRTimelapse - advanced time lapse photography made easy.

LRTimelapse 4 is the latest enhanced version of the popular tool for generating ultimate time lapse sequences and provides new editing capabilities that will help you to bring your time lapse videos to a whole new level!

This upgrade brings improved workflows, enhanced performance and many new features!

With the new visual previews you get “What you see is what you get” within LRTimelapse

The new Visual Deflicker is now one of the best deflicker tools available. This tool works with the metadata of the RAW files in single and multiple passes resulting in silky-smooth sequences.¬† The Visual Defliker when used in combination with the “Holy Grail”-Wizard, even difficult Day-to-Night and Night-to-day transitions are generated as smooth and visually appealing clips.

Video export enhancements  allow up to 8K video resolution in MP4, ProRes (Mac and Windows) or the new H.265 formats.

Most importantly LRTimelapse 4 and the LRTExport Lightroom Plugin now fully support Lightroom 6 / Lightroom CC for faster Rendering including the new Lightroom Features like Filter Brush and 16 bit HDR DNGs.

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