Your model portfolio must have certain images in order to build a successful model look. These shots include: modeling headshots, full length photos, a photograph with you smiling, plus one or two action shots, several different photos with various hair styles, and a really outstanding body shot. These are just the basic types of photos you need to have in your model portfolio to make it a success.

To create the portfolio we will meet with you to discuss what you’re looking for, the type of shot, the mood and message you’re trying to achieve. In addition, we can provide qualified hair/makeup artists and a stylist if needed for an affordable additional cost.

The basic Package (2 hours)

  • Headshot, close-up of your face
  • Full length fashion / formal-wear shots
  • Full length, wearing lingerie or swimwear
  • Full length shot, wearing casual clothes
  • Review of the shots taken and then select the best 10 images

You get 1 Image per hour post poseccesed and retouched no additional charge. Each additional image retouched will be at an additional fee.

Optional Extras

  • Additional looks are created on a per hour basis
  • We will arrange for a hair stylist and a make-up artist on request
Click here for a few samples

Contact us to discuss pricing and to book your shoot.

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