My review of Lightroom 4 Public Beta

I spent all day looking at and using the Lightroom 4 Beta.  I like a number of the new features that it has and am also disappointed that some of the modules have not had the enhancements I was hoping for.  I have the review available as a PDF document that you can get by clicking on the following:

Lightroom 4 Public Beta Review.

Your feedback and comments would be most appreciated.



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  1. Larry January 13, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Thanks for such a detailed review. I know it’s only a beta, but how did the performance of the new feature feel?

    I’m convinced that LR should focus on their core and not spend time on books or slide shows. They can’t afford to take them all the way, so they end up only mediocre. Okay for quick one offs, but not for blown professional work. If they want to be the best in those areas, they should acquire a company and integrate.

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