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I know there is tons of information on thousands of cyber space pages and probably an equal number of physical pages, but when I am asked a question of a friend need a tip or trick on how-to, where do I send them………

An easy response is “Google it”, now they have to sift through pages and pages of articles from the simple to PHD level theory and this can become overwhelming.

When asked last week, if I could help someone on a FB group with some pointers on photographing the moon I decided to create a page of “tips” on my web.

The idea is to provide tips in no more than a single, easy to read page.  A place on my site where you can create a book mark and have easy reference.  This is not meant to contain multi-page articles – I will find another place for those.

At this time I have added two tips and will add more.  If you have an idea for a tip or just need one – please post a comment on this blog or email me.  I will do my best to sequentially add to the page and segment the tip in groups as the volume grows.

Here is a link to the “tips”

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