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PICO is the latest Kick-Starter project by Mindarin — the company behind the Astro time-lapse and motion control — Pico is a small simple device capable of executing  robust time-lapse capabilities.

Planned for availability in July 2015 it will be inexpensive and easy to used time-lapse trigger, capable of working with or without your smartphone and makes capturing time-lapses as easy as it can be.

You use the free smartphone app to create a program and send it to Pico. After transferring your settings, you can unplug it from your smartphone and Pico will save the program in its memory. Then, connect Pico to your camera using the included adaptor cable, and Pico will take control to create the time-lapse sequence. (Most popular DSLR and Mirror-Less cameras are supported)

With the smartphone app, you have the ability to create professional time-lapse sequences:

HDR (High Dynamic Range): Take time-lapse sequences by bracketing at varying exposure levels based on the dynamic range of the scene.

Bulb Ramping: A technique used to compensate for natural changes in light. It is ideal for seamless day to night sequences.

Speed Ramping: You can adjust the speed of time within the time-lapse to add a cool slowing or accelerating effect.

If you do not have a smart phone on hand Pico offers a manual mode. Simply plug Pico into your camera’s remote cable, hold the button down, and listen for beeps — each beep represents a one second delay between shots, let go and pico will start triggering the camera at the set interval, and continue to do so until you unplug it.

Pico is small and light. weighing in at under .5 ounce (.4 to be exact or 11 grams for my friends across the pond) it takes no room in your camera bag. With improved battery technology, Pico can operate your camera for a whooping 8 years of continuous operation.

The kick starter projects is in full swing and you can support the development at Pico: Time-lapse made simple

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