Based on the responses to the last two workshops I will be conducting another Macro & Close-up workshop on March 25.  Please email me at if you are interested – the spots fill up very fast.

Details will be posted later today.

In the mean time here are a few comments from the March 11 workshop participants:

I’ve never gotten so much quality information from a single workshop. This class is perfectly geared to advanced amateur photographers. The material presented is neither too light nor overwhelming, and is well balanced between macro concepts, an introduction to the tools and software needed, and hands-on guided practice. You’ll leave with practical experience and knowledge of how to get started in this challenging and rewarding area of photography. – Abby 3/14/2012

Shiv! I had already learned a lot from him over the years by paying attention to his commentaries on NECCC circuits, attending his Amherst presentations, and I enjoy his photography. I don’t think I would have driven 100 miles for anyone else’s workshop. 3/14/2012

I came to the workshop wanting to learn more about focus stacking. Shiv did a great job and I felt that I learned a lot that I can apply to my photography. 3/12/2012

Shiv covered all the essentials for macro techniques. I learned so much about the right equipment, best practices and software. I can’t wait to try out everything I learned at home. 3/11/2012

This was a very good workshop, and well worth the price I paid. The pacing was perfect, and in keeping the group small, it felt more like a bunch of friends talking, and not a regular class. All participants were encouraged to ask questions, and insert observations. 3/11/2012 


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