Platypod Pro Max

PPMAXA while back I had done a review of the Platypod Pro – a convenient and versatile support for your camera.  Now the makers have launched a Kikstarter campaign for the Platypod Pro MAX.  A follow-up to the Platypod Pro, Max is a sturdy flat mini tripod ideal for low-angle shots and situations where traditional tripods are cumbersome or impractical.

I am fortunate to have a pre-production unit that I used during my Yosemite and Mono Lake workshops and then last week during my Martha’s Vineyard workshop.  This is one of the best portable supports I have had the pleasure of using. I will be posting my review shortly.

The campaign started June 1, 2016 and they are 70% subscribed as of today.  It is the best time to jump-in now CLICK HERE to get more information about the project.

Or CLICK HERE to jump to the support page.

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