Despite poor weather I had a great turnout for Part 1 of a two part series on Macro and CLose-up photography.  65 plus attended.  Great feedback from the participants.  Part 2 (the hand on session) will be this weekend and as there is a sizable waiting list,  August 20 will be a repeat of Part 2.  Thanks to Amy  Davies and Graham Custard for organizing the program and a big thank you to all who attended.

A few comments from part one as posted on the Plymouth Groups web:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture, punctuated with examples and humor. It reminded me of my University days, listening to a professor, a true master and genius in his own specialty. A privilege to attend and absorb the information. But …. I have so far to travel in this macro journey !
  • Great presentation; a lot of information to look over. I can’t wait to go to Part II and actually do what Shiv was talking about.
  • Very interesting and I learned alot
  • While Shiv was clear and precise and had a lot of information to give it was way beyond anything I would venture into……but thank you for inviting him to share his EXPERT knowledge with all of us…..thank YOU Shiv………
  •  Thanks, Shiv! I appreciated all the tips that you had to offer and look forward to learning how it is all done on Saturday! Thanks once again, Amy for opening yet another wonderful venue for all of us at PDP !
  • Very well organized! Looking forward to class on Saturday!
  •  A very enlightening evening! If I heard Shiv correctly, I need to pack some aluminum foil, my granite counter top, and toothpicks for Saturday’s shoot. I may add a camera just in case.
  • Excellent presentation. Filled with tons of details about macro and photography in general. I left with a number of new insights.
  • Still trying to process all of the information given out tonite, it was wonderful, intereting, entertaining, what a skilled professional!
  • Excellent presentation. Hopefully will be able to participate in the 2nd part to this lecture when it is scheduled again.
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