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Dec 9,2017 -     Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Time-­Lapse Photography Workshop. A Time-­lapse video essentially compresses time into a smaller space, creating some exceptional and evocative  results. In theory, time-lapse videos are easy to create – after all you simply take a few hundred photos, one after another, line them up in a video application and you are done. Not true, if you want to create a stunning, seamless, flicker free time-lapse video. There is a lot more involved than setting up a camera and capturing the sequence. With digital cameras we have infinite possibilities to capture time-­‐-­‐lapse sequences and create exceptional video with even the simplest digital point and shoots to DSLR’s. This intensive 1 day workshop provides the knowledge necessary to create advanced time-­lapse videos from capture to the use of a well structured post-­process workflow. We will split our time between shooting sequences and working through the post-process workflow. This includes importing images to exporting videos using applications  like Lightroom, LRTImelapse, Quicktime Pro. We start the workshop with a formal presentation looking at the many uses of time-­lapse imagery. Like in most of my workshops I will show you that you do not need to spend thousands to achieve awesome results. We will cover the following topics in detail: •    Equipment overview •    Camera settings •    Intervalometer settings •    Settings based on the speed of activity We will record two sequences and return to the classroom and use Adobe Lightroom to import, adjust, and export our first sequence. Next, we bring everything into QuickTime Pro to assemble the initial movie and move it to iMovie to add titles and other effects. Typically we will use Premiere Elements for MAC and Windows users or FinalCut Pro X (this will be based on what participants would prefer) Next we will cover in more detail

  • Day to Night/Night to Day or the “Holy Grail” of time-­lapse
  • Post Production Workflow (Win & Mac)
  • Editing to the audio
  • Final Movie Creation
This workshop is designed for the serious amateurs, hobbyists and emerging pros. You should bring:
  • A camera body with a lens capable of a between 85mm and 100mm focal length, and wide angle lens capable of 24mm focal length or wider.
  • Your best tripod
  • An INTERVALOMETER unless your camera has a built in intervalometer
  • Neutral density filters, as many as you possess
  • Please bring your camera manual
  • Your laptop and card reader. Please have Lightroom 6/Clasic CC (Download a trial before the class from Adobe), Quicktime Pro, or Premier Elements 11 (Trial versions are available form Adobe) or Final Cut Pro X


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