I had taken a few participants from my workshop to the Primitive Baptist Church off the Cades Cove loop road.  We photographed the interior and exterior, great shots looking out at the dogwood blossoms through the church windows.  All in all the morning was great.  The light was getting harsh and the scenes contrasty so we decided to head back.  As i was leaving the church I noticed a streak of sunshine coming through between the main door and its frame.  The streak was hitting the floor and the back of the second last bench at the junction of the bench and the wall.  It looked like someone had lit a lamp in the perfect spot.  The angles, the light and the triangulation of lines augmented with the tones of old wood had to be captured.  As this is but a fleeting moment, I was so lucky to be there.

Click on the image for a larger view. Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

Primitive Baptist Church – Seeing the Light


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