Steampunk Festival – Waltham, MA 2011
Canon 7D 24-70 mm 2.8

The Steampunk festival is an interesting event held in Waltham Common.  This event was a two day affair May 7th and 8th.  We spent the early afternoon on Sunday and grabbed a few shots of the people all in their Steampunk clothes, hats, goggles and jewelry.  The wind and the light were not the most conducive – fill flash helped a bit.  A second light and some reflectors would have been handy.  Will go better prepared next year.  More images follow.  All were shot with the 7D and the 24 – 70 2.8 lens and some with a fill flash.

This guy was crossing the street – the image has a background applied.

Felt this would be ideally suited for an antique plate treatment.

He had such a cool expression – I loved his costume – hand stitched leather vest and belt.

Steampunk Sunday Best

A leather craftsman

This young lad was with his parents all dressed up too

And finally this young lady was all dressed up – definitely not a Steampunk – everybody’s out for fun.

Till next year……………………..

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