Brown Pelican in a Glide


Day two of the workshop was an early trip to Ding Darling WR.  We were at the entrance soon after it opened.  One of the members in the group was a car length ahead of ours and was fortunate to see a Bobcat scurry by in front of his vehicle.

The first stretch of the drive had a yellow crowned night heron hunting along fairly dark mangroves – we took a few shots for the record.

The next stop was the first turnout where we were greeted by a large flock of American White Pelicans, Brow Pelicans, a Reddish Egret and Tricolor  FIshing.

American White in Flight


Reddish Egret with Breakfast


Reddish Egret in typical shading stance


White Pelican Coming In




Catch or Splash


This Better Be Good


Tricolor with its Breakfast


I Can Dance Too


Yawn, Yawn

As the morning progressed the Red Breasted Mergansers and Pied Billed Grebes were showing up every where.

Read Breasted Merganser


Pied Billed Grebe Ready for Action


I am not sharing


A Sense of Urgency


Just the two of us


This One's Lunch


After  a productive morning at Ding Darling – we went to Sanibel fishing pier for some diving pelicans.

A Take-off for a Dive


It Doesn't Hurt




Is This a Running Dive?


Shore Bird Flush


Head Study - Great Egret


Head Study Snowy Egret


Royal Tern in Flight




Lots of fun.  Now on to a bit of exploring we headed back to Fort Myers Beach and went further to check out Harnes Marsh.

It is a lot of walking as no motorized vehicles are allowed.  Saw a few Snail Kites and a pair of Sandhill Cranes with young.

Sandhill Crane - Harnes Marsh


The Pair


Sandhill Crane Chick

That was day two.  Day three to come

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