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NiK – Google release Analog Efex Pro

Analog Efex Pro

Carriage Road House - Acadia National Park

Carriage Road House – Acadia National Park
Treated with Viveza and Analog Efex Pro (Wet Plate)

“Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses” as state by NiK

The plugin allows you to create images with the look of various analog camera and film types.  You can choose from Classic, Vintage, Wet Plate and Toy Cameras and create vintage effects.  You can  create textures, modify the bokeh, generate frames and vignettes with controls that are not like the typical NiK “control points” used in the original suite of products.

In the release NiK states that they will be adding  additional cameras, films, bells, and whistles.

NiK products will be automatically updated based on what you own but if you do not want to wait for the update to happen you can download the trial suite from the NiK web site and install it over your existing suite of NiK products.  Agalog Efex Pro will appear as an additional product in the Google/NiK collection.
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