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Hard to Believe!

You may be aware that I have been involved with Platypod and its inventor Dr. Larry Tiefenbrunn from the very inception of the “tripod alternative. I am equally proud to have been deeply involved with the introduction of the absolutely incredible and revolutionary ball-head the Platyball.

It’s hard to believe it was only two weeks ago that the Kickstarter campaign was launched! 

The Platyball announcement has been picked up by a dozen different publications, podcasts, and video interviews in addition to the original launch on The Grid. Now, we want to take it one step further:

The response from photographers and journalists around the world has been remarkable, including the video above shared by photographer, author, and educator, Jay P. Morgan on “The Slanted Lens.”   And, showing the product “live” at Imaging USA in Nashville last week, also created another flurry of activity with positive reactions across the board, bringing us to over 1100 backers.

Starting today, we’re launching our Kickbooster program, giving you the chance to share in the success of Platyball with a 10% commission for every dollar you help us raise for the campaign! If you’re not already set up with Kickbooster, click on the link below. There’s no charge for setting up your account. We need your help to spread the word, and at 10%, your commissions are going to ramp up quickly.


Thank you for your support of Platyball. We have a proven track record of on-time deliveries and quality products. We have 46 days to go and you too can be a part of this fabulous launch.

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The Impressive Feisol Carbon Fibre Ball-Head

I had done a review of the Feisol Carbon Fiber Tripod and the The FEISOL CB-50DC Carbon fiber Ball-Head a while back  Click here for the review. This lightweight ball-head continues to impress me. It is a light yet very well constructed Arca Swiss compatible ball head designed for general purpose use.

My unit is now mounted on my Dynamic Precession cart atop the 6 foot rail and performs really well. As most of these rails are belt and stepper motor driven it is best to keep the overall weight as low as possible. Here is where this head is perfect.

The Feisol Ball-Head supporting a Canon 7D with a Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Planar lens on a Dynamic Precision Stage Zero Dolly and Rail

The carbon fibre construction is impressive. The locking mechanism is based on dual calipers. One dual caliper is used to lock the ball while the other is used to lock the base plate. Each caliper is operated by a rotating knob. A third flatter knob is used to maintain tension on the ball preventing any accidental flopping of mounted equipment.

Hunts Photo is conducting a one week “shiv verma | photography” special for all Feisol Products.  Discounts and free shipping  are available through April 14, 2013.


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Review of the Feisol Carbon Fiber Tripod and Ball-Head

I was provided a Feisol Carbon Fiber Tripod and a Carbon Fiber Tripod to do a review.  The review may be read/downloaded by clicking on the link: Feisol Review

I highly recommend both products.

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