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My Decision for the Creative Cloud

Given the fact that most of my plug-ins work with Lightroom and independently as stand-alone applications I will stay with my licensed copy of Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5.  As long as Adobe continues to create RAW converters for Lightroom there is no need to have ACR updates for Photoshop. I use NiK, OnOne and Topaz as my primary Plug-Ins and I feel the current version Photoshop is sufficient for my editing needs.

If what whatever reason Adobe moves Lightroom to the cloud and makes that the only option my choices are as follows: its choice – Capture One for RAW and edits, 2nd – DxO for RAW conversion and corrections, and finally Aperture.  Yes this will be a learning curve, but I am willing to accept that as the option.

There are 2 days left with the $9.99 pricing offer so make your decision wisely – I have made mine.

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