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2014 Fall Wanderings – 3

Fall Simplified

Fall Simplified

Walking through the gorges of New York’s Finger Lakes region yield some incredible photo opportunities.  There is no dearth of intimate and grand landscapes and occasionally even the saturated fall colors, when simplified, yield memorable images.

This is from the entrance to the Taughannock Gorge in Ulysses.

Please click on the image for detail.

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Blueberry Barrens

Mid October the blueberries have been harvested and the barrens in Maine are ablaze with color.  The fall foliage provides a great background for these vast expanses of red, yellow and green. Around the third week of October the barrens are mowed down to the ground so you need to get your images before the mowing begins.

Blueberry Barren, Maine

Blueberry Barren, Maine

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The Light of Cape Cod – Fall Workshop

October 19 to October 22 (three or four days, your choice)

Mid Fall in Cape Cod is a multi faceted photo opportunity with truly spectacular scenics and some wildlife.  The tourists have all gone, the Oyster festival is over and traffic is not a nightmare.  This very special workshop is for all levels of photographers from beginner to advanced.  The Cape provides some of the most incredible landscapes and seascapes and the light during fall is exceptional.  We will explore and photograph the Capes classic sea shore, sand dunes, light houses and some wildlife (including migratory birds).

Click Here for a PDF with more information.

Registration forms are available on the workshop section of this site or click here

Outgoing Tide and Marsh Grass

Brewster Grist Mill

Cape Cod 33

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New Hampshire Fall Workshop Report

Overall the workshop turned out great.  Friday was a bit of a disapointment with very little color along the Kankamagus Higway.  The second day we went up North through Bethlehem, Lancaster, Stark and Gorham.  The foliage was good as were the birch trees in Gorham.    Day three was also up North but not as far as the previous day. Most of the time we explored the Crawford Notch area and ended the day in Pinkham Notch.  Columbus day was spent on the Kankamagus which was now in full glory.  What a dramatic change in two days. Speaking to friend and fell photographer who had gone up yesterday – the colors are gone and the trees are brown.  This is the strangest and most rapid change-over I have ever seen.

Here are some images from the trip:


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