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Iceland Sept 2016 – IR was fun

On a whim I took my IR converted Panasonic Lumix G7 to Iceland.  Knowing fully well that a lack of deciduous trees could yield not so great IR images but wanted to try it out anyway.  Here are a few from various locations.  All images were processed using Capture One 9.2 and then converted to Monochrome using Silver Efex Pro.


The sea stacks in Valahnúkur Point in Grindavik



“Standing like this will help capture a great image” More tourists in Iceland this time than I have ever witnessed.



The Black Church in Budir



Fish drying in the Reykjanes Peninsula. Left some color in eyes for impact.



A small church in the Snæfellsnes peninsula cradled by basalt rock


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Iceland – Sept 17 – 25, 2016


Plans for the 2016 September Iceland photo tour and workshop have been finalized.  Exceptional fall colors and if luck prevails, the Aurora Borealis will make this trip exceptional.

From the western peninsulas of Snæfellsnes and Reykjanes to the exquisite south coast including the exquisite black sand beaches and icebergs in Jökulsárlón and surrounding areas this trip is designed for all levels of photographers.  This trip is limited to a maximum 10 participants.

All Iceland photo tours and workshops for the past 4 years were fully subscribed within a few days so please register as soon as possible.


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Iceland – August 2015 Day 1

It was unfortunate that we had very poor internet service this trip to Iceland hence no posts.  This was a small group photo tour to the Snaefelsness Peninsula and the Highlands.  The trip  was 11 days with 10 of them rainy and very windy – this is Iceland after all.  We arrived at a decent hour in Keflavik and on to the car rental.  The morning was spent organizing cell phone SIM cards, drinks and snacks.  We had breakfast at a quaint little breakfast pleace in Reykjavik. Walked about town and then drove on to a fishing village Hellnar and checked in to the hotel.

A brief trip along the Southern coast before dinner and bed.  Note that this and most if the images in subsequent posts lack great skies.




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Processing with Capture One

For the past few weeks I have been processing my raw files using Capture One Pro rather than Adobe Camera Raw.  I am finding the RAW processing engine in Capture One to be exceptional.  Mark you, I have not upgraded to Version 8 and am still using Version 7.2.3

In brief I love the way the the software handles skin-tones.  The amount of detail it can draw out of dull highlights and shadows is great.  The HDR sliders make it possible to bring out natural looking HDR tonal ranges from a single RAW file – exceptional.

Now I just need to get more familiar with all the features and then upgrade to Version 8.

Here is an example of an image processed using Capture One Pro.  The image was captured in Iceland during my workshop this past September.  Please do click on the image to see a larger version.




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The Vast Icelandic Landscape

I posted this composite on facebook yesterday more as a “tiny” jab at a photography friend.  However, today I felt it worthy of a post on my blog.



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Rhythm in Ice

Rhythm in Ice

Rhythm in Ice

Vatnajökull (Glacier of Rivers), is the largest glacier in Iceland in the background with Jökulsárlón (Glacial River Lagoon) in the foreground with icebergs.

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Gullfoss – Iceland

_S5A5377-Edit 2

I can never get tired of looking at images from Iceland.  This is an extract of Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall), one of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland and a key stop on the the Golden Circle.  It is a multi tiered waterfall on the river Hvítá. The first is a wide but shallow three step fall and then it drops in two tall stages. The first is about 36 feet and the second about 70 feet.  This image is a small extract of the final drop. Canon 5D Mk II, 70-200 f2.8 at 200 mm, f/10, 0.8 seconds, ISO 250.

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Cloud Formations

I have a passion for unique and captivating cloud formations and felt rewarded on March 27th 2014.  We were on our way back from a trip around the Golden Circle in Iceland.  Driving to Reykjavik it was foggy with low visibility but the fog really looked like low clouds.  About a half hour to the hotel we saw  some openings with some blue barely showing through an exquisite wind swept cloud formation.  This image was converted to monochrome using Nik Silverefex Pro.  I feel that simplifying a scene in B&W can not only enhance the image but also the story.


We spent a while photographing the swirls across the wide snow covered landscape and headed west toward the hotel.  The sun set as a fiery ball but mostly obscured by clouds.  Soon after there was a semblance of an afterglow that we did stop and capture. I feel the juxtaposition of the warm and cool tones make this image.  The lower portion of the scene was intentionally cropped to eliminate a few man made structures that I found obtrusive.



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Eldborg – A Time-lapse

This is a video of a time-lapse sequence captured on March 28, 2014 in Iceland.


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Iceland 1 – Day 4 March 18, 2014

After a fairly late night with the Aurora displays we checked out of our hotel and started our drive to Hali.  We had great plans to photograph the falls, farms and other interesting vista.  It was raining and snowing as we left Reykjavik and slowly but surely started getting worse as we moved South.

Our first stop was Seljalandfoss.  Seljalandsfoss is a very popular tourist attractions and also one of the most photographed in Iceland. These falls are located between Seljalandsmúli and Hamragarðar. When driving on route 1 you need to turn at Seljalandsmúli on a side road.  The falls are about 3/4 of a mile with ample parking.



The Seljalandsá river drops about 200 feet off the cliff edge forming Seljalandsfoss (foss means waterfall). In addition to Seljalandsfoss, there a few additional streams that drop similar heights to the west of the main falls. A path provides access behind the waterfall that gives photographers and tourists many unique views.

Small breaks in the rain allowed for some brief shooting.

Next stop was Skógarfoss.  This is one of Iceland’s larger waterfalls 70 feet wide and 200 feet high. Skógarfoss is a fall along the river Skógará.
The wind and the way the fall droops there is always high volume of spray. In sunlight, that we unfortunately lacked, the spray results in a a single or double rainbow. According to Icelandic folklore there are treasures and gold buried under the waterfall.

The rain and snow is getting worse and photography is near impossible.  Some of the group would not be denied the opportunity so they braved the elements and got some record shots.

We leave the foss in driving sleet, snow and high winds.  We stop at one more waterfall called Falls at Forsa.

Now the snow is more like a blizzard, visibility is down to a 50 feet or so. We drive using the yellow road markers to guide us. Eventually arrive in the town of Vik.  This is the southern most tip of Iceland.  Lunch and then on to Klaustur where we normally fill up as there are no gas stations in Hali. The conditions are getting worse and the wind is just brutal.  We drive on to the next small town of Skaftafel.  The wind spend signs show 88 MPH steady winds and the gusts are over 100 MPH.  If you are on FaceBook check out a short video of this experience on E.J. Peiker’s timeline.   We drive a few miles and are turned back by the police – the road is impassable.  Fortunately Skftafell has a small hotel and they have 5 rooms available, we are 15 in all so it is hole up time.  We had dinner at this hotel and managed to get some sleep.  Wakeup call was for 5:45 and departure 6:30.

In the most part this day was a wash-out.

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