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MINWR Field Workshop

January 25, 2019 – 7:00 AM field trip to Merrit Island National WIldlife Refuge, Black Point Drive yielded some decent images once the clouds dissipated and we got some good light. The day prior was a washout because of the storm that came through the area – high winds, heavy rains and reports of tornados.

Reddish Egret fishing – Panasonic Lumix G9 with the Leica 100-400 mm lens. Exposure triad: f/6.3, 1/800 sec, ISO 500

This year the number of Glossy Ibis in the reserve is exceptional. I have never seen so many flocks of 20 Ibis or more.

Glossy Ibis stepping into the water – Panasonic Lumix G9 with the Leica 100-400 mm lens. Exposure triad: f/6.3, 1/1000 sec, ISO 640

On the other hand, the Roseate Spoonbills are not as abundant as in past years.

Roseate Spoonbill with a Great Egret keeping a watchful eye – Panasonic Lumix G9 with the Leica 100-400 mm lens. Exposure triad: f/7.1, 1/1300 sec, ISO 200
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A trip to the Kennedy Space Center

Exposure triad: I had turned the aperture ring to f/10 by mistake so ended up with and ISO of 2000 and 1/1600 sec shutter.

Yesterday January 27, 2018 I had the opportunity to go with a group of 18 participants to the Kennedy Space Center to find and photograph the Florida Scrub Jays.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy sitting on Pad 39 awaiting its launch next week or soon thereafter.  The pad is 3.6 miles from the Camera Pad where I captured this image. Image only cropped on either side.  Hand held, exposure triad: f/5.6, 1/1250 sec at ISO 200 – lens at 800mm (35mm equivalent) 

The Florida scrub jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens) is one of the species of scrub jay native to North America. It is the only species of bird endemic to the U.S. state of Florida and one of only 15 species endemic to the continental United States. The Florida scrub-jay is the rarest of five species belonging to the genus Aphelocoma, which means ‘smooth-hair’ and refers to the absence of the head crest possessed by some of the more ubiquitous North American jays. The Florida scrub-jay has a co-operative lifestyle. Each Florida scrub-jay pair mates for life and builds a new nest each year between February and March.

G9 with the 200mm f/2.8. Exposure triad: f/5.6, 1/1250 sec at ISO 200 – lens at 800mm (35mm equivalent) 

As there was a fair amount of hiking through the scrub I carried no tripod and hand-held the Panasonic Lumix G9 with the new Leica 200mm f/2.8 lens and the 2X teleconverter.  This is an amazing combination with 6.5 stops of image stabilization the configuration was perfect for this excursion.

A sentinel Scrub Jay making an alarm call. Exposure triad: f/5.6, 1/640 sec at ISO 200 – lens at 800mm (35mm equivalent) 

For this last image I used the pre burst feature to capture RAW files with the camera set to auto focus continuous.  I selected this image for the truly awesome wing position as the jay too flight.

Pre-burst High Speed shooting. Exposure triad:f/5.6, 1/2000 sec at ISO 400 – lens at 800mm (35mm equivalent)

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