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Valley of Fire Panorama

This is a 9 image panorama stitched using PTGui. The images were captured a little more than an hour after the sun had set. The rocks become intensely red in the afterglow.

Do click on the image for a larger view.

Panasonic Lumix S1R, 24-105 f/4 lens. Exposure triad: f/16, 1 sec., ISO 200.

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Valley of Fire

White Dome

I had a little time to myself today so I decided to check out Valley of Fire State Park. It is a little over an hour from Las Vegas. By the time I got there, it was Noon and the light was not good. Also disappointing was the sky. There were no clouds even though while driving there the sky looked promising.

The image above was taken as the sun dipped behind one of the many ranges in the park. I was using the Lumix S1R with the 24-105mm f/4 lens. Exposure triad: f/16, 2 sec., ISO 100.

White Dome – another view

The next image is from a more direct viewpoint and captured shortly after the first image. For a brief moment, the colors in the sandstone just came alive. Exposure triad: f/16, 2 sec., ISO 100.

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Pushing the Limits

It was very early morning when we spotted this young lion. He has been through some territorial fights – see the scars. The sun had not risen and I was not sure if I could get a decent image. Captured with the Panasonic Lumix S1R and the S Pro 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens. I had the ISO on “auto”, and I set the shutter speed to 1/160 sec (i wanted to be as close to one over the focal length I was at). The focal length was at 130mm. The aperture was set at f/2.8 and the camera set the ISO to 16000. Typically I set the limit at ISO 6400 but there would be no image at that sensitivity.

The image a direct conversion from RAW to JPG – no adjustments at all except a crop for composition. The noise reduction is at 0, sharpening at 0. Image processed using Capture One 12.

Please do click on the image to view it larger.


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Lumix S Pro 70-200 f/2.8 hand-held

Zebra Family at Sunset

One of the greatest features of Lumix cameras, the G and the S series is the incredibly good image stabilization. On the S1R was rated at 6 stops. With firmware version v1.1, the in-body IS system will reduce shake by an additional 1/2-stop, for a total of 6 stops with non-stabilized lenses and 6.5 stops with Dual IS-compatible glass. With the new S Pro 70-200 f/2.8, the stabilization is rated at 7 stops.

This image was captured hand-held with the S1R and the S Pro 70-200 and a 2X Teleconverter. The combined focal length was 400mm. Exposure triad f/5.6, 1/125 sec, ISO 800.

Click on the image to view a larger rendition.

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Lumix S1R High Res Mode – Palouse Sunset

Rolling Hills of the Palouse

This is a scaled down version of a 187 MP image of the rolling fields in the Palouse at sunset. The low angle of the sun creates lovely shadows and definition of the undulating hills. This was also a test of the Sigma MC21 with the Sigma 100-400 mm EF mount lens on the Lumix S1R.

Exposure triad: f/6.3, 1/60 sec, ISO 200. Focal length as shot: 400 mm.

I will be in Spokane, WA for the PSA conference and would like to do a photo workshop after the conference. If you are interested let me know so I can make necessary arangements.

Click on the image for a larger rendition.

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Cloud Formations

I have a passion for unique and captivating cloud formations and felt rewarded on March 27th 2014.  We were on our way back from a trip around the Golden Circle in Iceland.  Driving to Reykjavik it was foggy with low visibility but the fog really looked like low clouds.  About a half hour to the hotel we saw  some openings with some blue barely showing through an exquisite wind swept cloud formation.  This image was converted to monochrome using Nik Silverefex Pro.  I feel that simplifying a scene in B&W can not only enhance the image but also the story.


We spent a while photographing the swirls across the wide snow covered landscape and headed west toward the hotel.  The sun set as a fiery ball but mostly obscured by clouds.  Soon after there was a semblance of an afterglow that we did stop and capture. I feel the juxtaposition of the warm and cool tones make this image.  The lower portion of the scene was intentionally cropped to eliminate a few man made structures that I found obtrusive.



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Participants’ Images “Light of Cape Cod”

carole0.jpgcarole2.jpgcarole4.jpgc12-Cape cod.jpgc14-peter_tidalpool.jpgc15-peter_rockharbor.jpgc17-Cape cod-3.jpgc20-Cape cod-2.jpgc21-Cape cod-5.jpgc24-Peter_brewster.jpgc34-Cape cod-7.jpgc51-Cape cod-9.jpgc59-abby sunrise with dust spot.jpgc60-Cape cod-8.jpgc62-peter_windmill.jpgc68-abby beach story.jpgc68-Cape cod-11.jpgc74-Cape cod-10.jpgc8-Cape cod-6.jpgc87-Cape cod-4.jpgc9-peter_snail.jpgc98-abby hdr combined.jpg
I was so very pleased to see the progression with the way the participants were making images.  The cycle of conceptualization, visualization and capture all coming together was so clear by the time we were closing out the workshop.

This can all be summed up with a statement Carole made on facebook:

I had the most amazing weekend. I did the Shiv Verma‘s workshop “Light of Cape Cod”. Going in as a total beginner….I walked away with a wealth of knowledge. I now shoot in manual and learned to be so comfortable with my camera. Shiv was there to teach and guide…and then encouraged us to do it on our own. And that is a true teacher. It was like a lightbulb going off in my head….I got it, I understood it, I felt it, I was breathing it. Thank you, Shiv!


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SW Florida Workshop Day 1

An early morning trip out to the pools in the Fort Myers Beach area was productive.  The bird were magnificent with their feathers blowing in the gentle breeze. The light was perfect as was the action.

Here are some of the images from the beach:

Snowy Egret - Blowing in the Wind


The egrets were very active and there was plenty of fish to be eaten.

Snowy Egret with Catch


Lets Play Catch


Piping Plover


Little Blue Heron Fishing

Reddish Egret with Fish

Direction Change Needed

Next stop was Sanibel Island and the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge.  Ding Darling was quiet compared to the many trips I have done in the past but still a fun place to be.  Lots of Brown and White Pelicans, Cormorants, Red Breasted Mergansers and Pied Billed Grebes.

Juvenile Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican Take-Off

Who Will Be First


American White Pelican in Flight


White Pelican Landing

We left Ding Darling and drove to Captiva for lunch at a favorite spot “Key Lime Bistro”.   One of the members had developed a problem with her Nikon D700 that refused to focus properly so the day before we rented a body that had to pick up from the hotel.  Once assembled we left for our next photo location. Beautiful evening light made one forget the biting by the no-see-ums that some repellant took care of.  Here are some images in the awesome light:

White Ibis Juvenile Foraging


White Ibis



Then the sunset turned the skies a deep reddish pink – the water and the birds all seemed to get this glow.

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The Light of Cape Cod

An excellent three day workshop in the Cape. An intimate group of seven photographers had a great time shooting the incredible light of Cape Cod.  We wound down each day with wine and cheese, image viewing, lessons and laughter.  The mornings were rainy but evolved into beautiful defuse light for the rest of the day.  Evenings presented us with phenomenal color and spectacular sunsets.  Will post participants’ images next week.

Here are some that I captured:

Outgoing Tide Study at Sunset

Rock on the Beach

Outgoing Tide and Marsh Grass

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