Lumix G7 converted to Super Color IR (590nm)
Lumix G7 converted to Super Color IR (590nm)

Typical cameras are designed to capture the visible spectrum. Geting your camera converted to capture IR opens up another world of photography.

Keep in mind that IR wavelength is longer than the wavelength range of the visible spectrum and thereby focuses differently.  When you convert a DSLR you are limited to certain focus adjustments that must be made so as to achieve the best quality of images with sharp focus.  As lenses with different focal lengths behave differently you need to select one lens and have the camera sensor calibrated to achieve sharp focus with that lens.  Any other lenses will not be in a position to achieve good focus.  Live view can help but it is not the best option.

Mirrorless cameras on the other hand rely on the imaging sensor for focus attainment and metering they are able to discern the IR focus shift in real time and adjust accordingly. This feature allows you to use any lens, prime or zoom and capture sharp IR images.

In my opinion a mirrorless cameras with no in body image stabilization is a better choice for conversion.

Lifepixel is who I use and their service and conversions are exceptional. Click on the icon to get started.

LifePixel Digital Infrared Photography IR Conversion

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