“Everything you know about tripods and ball heads is about to change. Check out this week’s announcement from Platypod and visit www.Platyball.com. Their Kickstarter campaign launches on Jan 15 and there’s a special bonus for early backers. What a kick!” 

The Kickstarter campaign launches on Jan 15 on The Grid. Larry T. will be Scott’s guest along with Don Komarechka. The show starts at 4:00 and the Platyball Kickstarter video and announcement should kick off at 4:30. It’s a pretty remarkable product. Here’s a general description…
The Platyball presents a new, revolutionary way to level.  Featuring an inverted design, single-handed ergonomics, and a unique twist-action Arca compatible clamp, we have literally taken the classic tripod head design and turned it upside down.  Redesigned from the ground up, the Platyball becomes an extension of your hand and allows you to quickly level your camera better than ever before. It is heavy duty and accurate to half a degree.

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