I have visions of scenes and locations that I want but have to wait till it all comes together.  On the very last day of the Smoky Mountain Workshop we had planned to go to the Foothills Parkway for sunrise.  When I woke up I saw signs of some fog which would make for some very nice images along the parkway but feelings were tugging at me and I wanted to go to Cades Cove in the hope of getting my one image of Sparks Lane.   The group agreed to the change in planes and we headed out to Cades Cove.  Half way there all the fog was gone, it was too late to turn around so I decided to to continue and take my chances.  Arriving at the gates before they opened, I saw that the fog was there – a big thumbs-up.

The rest of the story is in the image.  The light in the trees, the dogwood in the foreground, the fog along the tree line and the sunrise colors on the mountains – my dreams had come true it was all there as I had hoped to capture one day.  Please do click on the image for an enlarged version.

Sparks Lane – Cades Cove
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