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Refugees Welcome

It is clear that that the photography industry has a tremendous number of great photographers who have done a lot for this art.  However, not many combine and bring to us not only the art of photography but the art of education, marketing, social media and business.  One such person is Skip Cohen. As the former President of Hasselblad USA,  the past President/Chief Operating Officer of Rangefinder Publishing Inc., the current President/Founder of Marketing Essentials International and the Photo Resource Hub.  He has been responsible for Rangefinder Magazine, After Capture Magazine, the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Association and the WPPI Convention and Trade Show, and serves as PPA’s Industry Advisor and Board member.  He has authored six photography books. One of his new undertakings is Skip Cohen University  I would encourage all my fllow photographers to spend some time on this site.

Skip started an interesting Blog/Podcast and entitled it “Why?”  – t’s a very simple concept – one image, one artist and one short sound byte. Each artist shares what makes the image one of their most favorite. 

I am thrilled to have one of my recent images “Refugees Welcome” featured on “Why”  CLICK HERE to read and hear this short podcast.

Thank you Skip.

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