Yosemite and Mono Lake Workshop Day 1

After driving from San Francisco to the Yosemite Valley – our first destination was to capture “Tunnel View” at sunset.  i will be posting images that were captured by participants as I receive them.  I shill have a few spots open for the next two workshops in Acadia and the Cape.

The weather was exceptional and the clouds were perfect for photography.  The first image is a late sunset image where the light is just kissing the top of El Capitan:

Tunnel View Sunset

This second image is from the same location capturing the brilliant after glow:

Tunnel View After Glow


The flight path over the valley will ruin most images but on occasion a dissipating con trail can be an interesting feature:

Con-trail Study-2

This next image is a 20 second exposure of the “blue hour” looking left from Tunnel View:

Yosemite Valley Twilight


Before packing up and returning for dinner I decoded to shoot one more image to capture the valley and the stars.  The face of El Capitan and Half Dome show the lights from climbers headlamps as the bed down on the rock face for the night.

Tunnel View – Stars and Climbers


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