Yosemite & Mono Lake – Day 5

Mono Lake Sunrise 2

Early morning trip back to the lake to photograph the tufas at sunrise.  One good thing as the water level rises the walk to the edge of Mono Lake will be shorter but the bad thing is that you will not be able to get as close as you can today.

A quick breakfast and we headed out to the Ghost Town of Bodie.  After a long drive we realized the back road into Bodie was no longer accessible and a new gold mining company owns the property and has closed assess.  We back tracked and arrived around lunch time.  It is impossible to photograph all that Bodie has to offer in a day but you do what you can.

These two images of the church interior were photographed through large opening wire mesh.

Bodie Church


The Church Heating Stove and Organ


Bodie Dinner Table


Bodie General Store


The Shell Gas Station


Sled Shed and Sled


Wagon Wheel


Ghost Car

This final image is modified to give the impression of evening (at mid afternoon)

Who’s Driving?

Plans to photograph the Tufa Towers at sunset and then the full moon did not materialize as dark clouds rolled in preventing any image capture.

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  1. Rita October 3, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Love the simplicity and the colors of the Brodie Dinner Table!

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