Announcing two new photography classes.  One for the real novice – suitable for non-working parents, or someone who just wants to learn how to take better pictures.  Individuals with point-and-shoot cameras are welcome.  Classes will be on Monday mornings for two hours and will run for 4 weeks.   Click Here for Details Photography Basics Class

The second class is a photography one-on-one class that will be run on Monday evenings for 5 weeks.  This is for photographers who have advanced beyond the point and shoot and want to become better at making good images.  Click here for details – Photography 1-on-1

Photography One-on-One for Individuals or groups
Hourly, 1/2 and full days

Personalized instruction and hands-on field techniques

  • Camera and associated equipment
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Workflow
  • Photo editing software – Photoshop, Lightroom, CaptureOne, Helicon Focus, LRTimelapse, and many others.
  • Slide show preparation using Photomagico, Keynote or Powerpoint.

All One-on-One instructional sessions are specifically tailored for you.  Sessions and field locations are tailored to your goals and objectives.


  • Hourly – $125
  • Half-day (4 hours) – $400
  • Full day – $650
  • Up to 3 Participants per day – $900
  • 4-5 Participants per day – $1600

For full-day and lessons of 8 hours or more, an evaluation will be provided one week after the lesson concludes.

Please contact me via email sv @ or call 617.759.0010 to schedule.  Please do remove the spaces before and after the @ sign.

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