Workshop 3:  Combination Macro/Close-up and Image Stacking Photography

Participants will learn how to create high magnification images using macro lenses, tubes and diopters.  In addition, Participants will learn how to create one completely focused image from several partially focused images by combining the focused areas. This technique is Ideal for macro-photography and landscape photography when sharpness from zero to infinity is required.

The workshop will be conducted in three parts

Part 1

An educational presentation that will cover:

  • Based on the subject – how to set your camera to capture macro images.  When to use extension tubes and diopters.
  • Based on the subject – how to set your camera to capture correctly bracketed “FOCUS” images using the sweet spot aperture of each lens used.
  • Other essentials to create the image stacks
  • Other essentials for macro photography – lights, reflectors and diffusers and how to use them.

Part 2:

The participants would then go out in the field and capture macro images.

  • Insects and flowers
  • Inanimate Macro Subjects
  • Other items of their choosing

Part 3:

A detailed “How To”  post process for macro photography and one-on-one instruction.

A detailed “How To” presentation on using the software for image stacking and one-on-one instruction.

Time permitting, tethered stack shooting will be demonstrated.

Image import and evaluation

Image stack selection

Creating the stacked image – one image for each subject for a total of 3 final images.

The participants will use Helicon Focus – a trial version will be available on DVDs.  Participants who own focusing rails should bring them to the workshop.  Tripods are a must.  Remote (cable) release is preferable.

Participants must bring their own laptop and card reader/cables etc. and will have an opportunity to view and critique each other’s final images.

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